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Palgrave - Globalization & International Relations - 2010

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Text of Palgrave - Globalization & International Relations - 2010

  • Globalization & International Relations 2010

  • 2 Globalization, the State and Political Sociology 9 Global Governance 11 Global Issues 12 International Political Economy 14 International Political Economy 19 International Relations 27 International Relations/International Relations Theory 28 Palgrave Studies in International Relations32 International Relations/Diplomacy 34 Security Studies 36 New Security Challenges 39 Terrorism 40 Security Studies/Conflict Resolution and Peace Keeping 42 Non-Governmental Public Action 43 Teaching and Research in Higher Education

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    Welcome to the new Palgrave Macmillan Globalization and International Relations Catalogue.

    This year we are delighted to be publishing several paperbacks with wide, general appeal as well as a typically strong line-up of undergraduate and academic texts. Inside Egypt, already a bestseller in hardback, is now available for the first time in paperback; as is the chilling indictment of Guantanamo Bay Prison, Five Years of my Life. A new book co-published with Amnesty International, Created Equal, provides a valuable and very accessible overview of the current state of womens rights around the world.

    New academic highlights include some valuable additions to the highly regarded Palgrave Advances series: Jim Whitmans Palgrave Advances in Global Governance and Oliver Richmonds Palgrave Advances in Peacebuilding, plus some major new additions to the International Political Economy and Palgrave Studies in International Relations series. Another key highlight is Ronald Bleikers Aesthetics and World Politics.

    New textbooks to watch out for include the third edition of our bestselling title Global Political Economy (Robert OBrien & Marc Williams); a brand new text on Issues in 21st Century World Politics (Mark Beeson & Nick Bisley), International Relations Theory (Knud Erik Jorgensen) which offers a new look at IR theory, International Security (Michael E. Smith), perfect for all students of security studies and the fourth edition of the ever popular Diplomacy (G.R. Berridge).

    If you would like to find out more about our 2010 publishing programme, or submit a proposal, please visit or contact us directlyEmily Lawrence, Marketing Manager, Politics | e.lawrence@palgrave.comDan Porter, Marketing Executive, Politics | d.porter@palgrave.comAlexandra Webster, Publisher, Politics | a.webster@palgrave.comSteven Kennedy, Publisher, Politics | Stephen Wenham, Associate Commissioning Editor, Politics |

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    Globalization & International Relations 2010

  • Globalization, the state and political socioloGy

    2 Order securely online at or telephone +44 (0)1256 302866

    Globalization, the state and political socioloGy

    theories of nationalisma critical introduction2nd edition

    Umut Ozkirimli, Associate Professor of International Relations, Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey; Senior Research Fellow, Hellenic Observatory, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

    Review of the 1st edition: [a] comprehensive, balanced and critical overview of current debates on nationalism...

    this is at once an informed survey of a field of literature and, in its own right, an intervention in the is one of the, several, contributions of this impressive book that it enables us, by comprehending the range of theories of nationalism, to see these debates in a wider intellectual and historical context. - professor Fred halliday, london school of economics and political science, UK

    This widely-used and acclaimed text provides a comprehensive and balanced introduction to the main theoretical perspectives on nationalism. The fully-updated 2nd edition includes expanded coverage of recent theories and debates,0020more systematic critical assessment of all traditions, and boxes on key thinkers.

    Contents: Preface to the Second Edition / Introduction / Discourses and Debates on Nationalism / Primordialism-Perennialism / Modernism / Ethnosymbolism / New Approaches to Nationalism / Rethinking Nationalism / Conclusion / Bibliography

    January 2010 272pp 234x156mm hardback 60.00 978-0-230-57732-9 paperback 21.99 978-0-230-57733-6

    biopolitical surveillance & public health in international politics

    Jeremy Youde, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Minnesota Duluth, USA

    Using historical and contemporary case studies, Youde traces the shifting balance between surveillance and global public good provision and suggests that a human rights-based strategy offers a stable compromise.

    Contents: Biopolitical Surveillance in the International Arena / Global Public Goods, Cooperation, and Health / Smallpox: Defeating the Scourge and Provoking Resistance / HIV/AIDS and Human Rights as an Evolving Strategy / SARS: Collaboration and Resistance / The International Health Regulations / Balancing Global Public Goods and Privacy: A Human Rights Approach to Biopolitical Surveillance

    February 2010 240pp 234x156mm hardback 55.00 978-0-230-61995-1

    the Failure of democratic nation building ideology Meets evolution

    Albert Somit, Professor Emeritus, Southern Illinois University, USA and Steven A. Peterson, Professor of Politics; Director, School of Public Affairs, Pennsylvania State University at Harrisburg, USA

    provocative, unconventional, and all too persuasive. - J. david singer, University of Michigan, Usa

    In this timely account, Somit and Peterson argue that humans are social primates with an innate tendency for hierarchical and authoritarian social and political structures, and that democracy requires very special enabling conditions before it can be supported by a state, conditions that require decades to evolve.

    Contents: Forward / Introduction / Authoritarian Government: The Default Option / What Is a Democracy?: Toward a Working Definition / Democratic Nation Building: From Concept to Operational Check List / Democracy: The Requisite Enabling Conditions - No Small Order / Will the Real Democracies Please Stand Up? / American Nation Building, 1945-2005: Costs and Consequences / The Fourth Whereas / Therefore Be It Resolved...: Toward More Realistic Foreign and Domestic Policies

    February 2010 176pp 246x189mm paperback 20.00 978-0-230-62112-1

    ebook available from: Dawson ERA, Ebook Library,, Ebrary, Myilibrary, NetLibrary, Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections

  • Globalization, the state and political socioloGy

    31000s of scholarly ebooks available at, ask your librarian to request a trial

    the new political sociology power, ideology and identity in an age of complexity

    Graham Taylor, Reader in Sociology, University of the West of England, UK

    a bold and original contribution to the field. - chris Rumford, Royal holloway, University of london, UK

    The twenty-first century has witnessed a fundamental transformation of political institutions and society, alongside cultural,

    global and complexity turns in social theory. This provocative text gives an overview of key issues, argues for an existential turn in political sociology and brings the study of politics and society up-to-date.

    Contents: Introduction: The Contours of Social and Political Complexity / Political Sociology in an Age of Complexity / Complex Powers: Beyond the Panopticon? / The End of the Nation State? The Disarticulation of Power and Identity / Globalized Identities: Political Culture between Place and Space / Networks of Resistance: Global Complexity and the Politics of New Social Movements / Networks of Terror: Globalization, Fundamentalism and Political Violence / Complex Citizenships: Between Universalism and Particularism? / Global Civil Society: The Prospects for Cosmocracy / Conclusion: Towards an Existential Turn in Political Sociology / Glossary / Bibliography

    January 2010 240pp 216x138mm 2 b/w tables paperback 19.99 978-0-230-57333-8

    power and Resistance in the new World order2nd edition

    Stephen Gill, Professor of Political Science, University of Toronto, Canada

    In this fully revised and updated new edition, leading political scientist Stephen Gill further develops his radical theory of the new world order to argue that as the globalization of power intensifies, so too do globalized forms of resistance. Including two new chapters, this widely adopted text offers alternatives to the current world order.april 2008 320pp 217x138mm paperback 20.99 978-0-230-20370-9

    the south in World politics Chris Alden, Reader in International Relations, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK, Sally Morphet, formerly Head of Research Section on Global Issues for the UKs Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Marco Antonio Vieira, Visiting Lecturer in International Relations, Kings College, London, UK

    The South in World Politics is a timely analysis of the influence

    and effectiveness of developing states i

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