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An introduction to The Data People

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2. All Customers Are Not Equal

80% of sales or
profit will come
from 20% of

3. What We Do
We identify Your Best Customers
4. We Build Detailed Pictures of Your Best Customers
A Marriage of all the Elements
5. Your Best Customers Online
Combining online and offline data
6. How We Do It
7. Data Interpretation
What Is Your Data Telling You?
We will audit your current data and create interpretation from it

  • this often starts with the basics of quality and quantity

8. turning your data into timely, relevant and meaningfulinformation 9. turning that information into marketing advantage 10. Helping you see the wood for the treesdata
11. Data Analytics
What could your data be telling you?
We will undertake analysis on your data to build a fuller picture. For example:
Basket analysis - identifies products likely to be purchased together, usually for cross-selling
Propensity models - help maximise Return on Investment (ROI) by targeting the most suitable audience
Churn modelling - predicting the likelihood to lapse
Lifetime value - quantifies the overall value of each customer at a revenue, gross or net profit level
12. We Identify Profit Opportunities
Drill-down analysis
Venn diagramsused to detectselection overlap
Tracking data/customer movement
Predictive modelling, scoring, CHAID
Geographic segmentation forsales or franchise territories
13. Data Strategy
What will your data allow you to do?
We develop data led business and marketing strategies to maximise business growth

  • CRM, Acquisition & Retention Strategies

14. Cross-sell & Up-sell Strategies 15. Data Collection & Data Partnerships Strategies 16. Creative Testing & Message Hierarchies