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  • 1. LONDON SEATTLE35012skilledglobal professionals offices DALLASSINGAPORE16 20languages categoryspoken leading clientsNEW YORKLODZ1891countriesgreat servedcompany

2. data/analytics insightsbranding planning digitalpromotionalexperiential directfrom loyaltyanalytics tooptimizationchannelchange 3. SEATTLE BUFFALODALLASCHARLOTTE BOISEROCHESTER home iswhere the heartland is MINNEAPOLIS 4. helpPNC LOGO businesses do business 5. helpleaderslead 6. Awards in 2012 Ace Awards 1st place PNC Commercial Multiphase Campaign 3rd place PNC Merchant Services Manufacturer USB Mailer Telly Awards Bronze Telly AMF Printer Smash Video Bronze Telly Raising Canes National Chicken Finger Day Video Interactive Media Awards Outstanding Website: Magazine Lockheed Martin Code OneMagazine Website IMA Outstanding Achievement Award: Military Lockheed MartinCode One IMA Outstanding Achievement Award: E-Zine Lockheed MartinCode One Magazine Outstanding Website PNC Commercial Multiphase CampaignMicrosite How Interactive and Web Design Awards Merit Award Peterbilt 579 Product Launch Website WebAwards Marketing Standard of Excellence SourceLink Rebrand and Website Redesign Financial Services Standard of Excellence PNC Commercial B2B Standard of Excellence PNC Commercial Multiphase Campaign Microsite Outstanding Website Peterbilt Truck Model 579 Product Launch Campaign W3 Awards Gold Peterbilt 579 Product Launch Gold PNC B2B Lead Gen Campaign Silver Lockheed Martin Code One Magazine Website Midas Awards Midas Certificate PNC Commercial Multiphase Campaign Microsite 7. Our POV9 8. Massive DisruptionEconomic UncertaintyCategory IssuesClient VulnerabilityIntegration ImperativesUnending Change 9. customerpassioncompany protswe create extraordinary experiences that matter 10. we believe there is only one world and digital and physical worlds should work in tandem 11. Extraordinary Experiences that Matter Strategy &DataDigital &Content &CriticalSports &InsightsAnalytics TechnologyCreative Comm.Experiential Strategic planning & Analytical data Digital strategy Idea generation & Critical Strategic Planninginnovationmanagement UX designinnovationCommunications Property Research & analysis Segmentation & Front & back end Creative design, Simplification of Review/Evaluation Digital, social, mobile profiling development of copywriting, user Customer Contract Negotiation& customer experience Predictive modeling enterprise-level web experience design,Communications Sponsorship Packagingaudits Data mining sitesdevelopment & Correspondence Licensing Brand development & ROI reporting & Applicationproduction across all Systems Analysis Post-Events/Programrefresh optimizationdevelopmentchannels: Reporting Brand architecture & Financial Microsites DigitalDelivered through: Production, Promotionnamingsimulations/sensitivity Promotional landing Video Communications& Mgmt. Digital ecosystem analysespages Display & search Strategy Media Leveragingdiscovery & planning Web analytics & Social Media Mobile Communications Staff Sourcing & New product optimization pURLs Social Media Development & Recruitmentdevelopment, naming SEO & SEO analytics E-mail Direct MailManagement Partner Solicitation& branding Digital media SEO/SEM Experiential Communications Creative Concept Integratedoptimization Online advertising Collateral ProductionDevelopmentmultichannel planning Attribution modeling & Mobile Sales Enablement Management Budget / Program Content strategy &optimization Games ToolsManagementdevelopment Experimental design eLearning Multi channel ROI Evaluation Insights, analytics & Multivariate Kioskscontent strategy Athlete/Celebritymeasurement testing/optimization Web and social Critical Handling Portfolio analytics analytics Communications Destination Loyalty program Hosting Radio, Print, TV Managementanalytics Analytics Retail and POS Out of Home 12. Our Approach 13. Technology + All Platforms + All Triggers + Across All Channels pURL+ 14. achievementpartnership experiencebrand value strategyunderstandingpeople our approach 15. Why hawkeyeStrategic UnderstandingBusiness-Building AccountableCategory ExpertisePartnership18 16. Integrated. Digital. Agency. 17. Your NeedsLets Tour