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A little bit about our philosophy and thinking at Marketing Unplugged.

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2. Marketing Unplugged is an innovation company that loves unplugged music and sneers at synthesizer music.
We think unplugged music requires real talent, real understanding of music and is unique, though sometimes messy.
We think synthesizers are too much about process and science and not enough about music.
Marketing is like synthesizer music and needs to get unplugged.
Marketing Is A Wannabe Science
4. That Hasnt Been Too Successful
5. Hence The Need To Focus On
Share of heart rather than share of voice
6. Need To Unplug Brands From The Marketing Jargon Generator
7. We Need A New Way Of Thinking
8. Principles Of Marketing Unplugged
9. 10. Why you need us
11. Because you need innovation in marketing. Our core competencies lie in developing innovative marketing and brand strategies for growth.
So, if your marketing efforts are not giving back the results that you thought they would, there must be a good reason for that. We find the reason and an innovative solution to overcome it.
If you think that your marketing team is so caught up in the urgent and is not focusing on the important, we would love to take on the important. If your brand is a me-too and not doing well, or if you want to outsmart your competition and not outspend it, we believe we are the people who can help you do that.
At Marketing Unplugged, we offer real partnership (we make money only if you do), genuine understanding of your business and the challenges you face. We work with brutal honesty/no bullshit, a jargon-free and straightforward approach.
We combine clear and incisive direction with our passion and experience, to produce distinctive and differentiating ideas, actionable creative strategies that your business can actually implement. And ultimately get more bang for your buck.
12. What we offer to our clients
13. 14. Some Of Our Past Studies
15. Remixed
Study into how Indian youth is mixing traditional and Western cultures to create a whole new way of life
Study into small town India and how the real changes are bubbling up rather than trickling down from the metros
Bollywood Predictameter
Forecasting the success of Hindi movies before they were released with over 80% success rate each year
India vs
Insights into the old and new India and implications for marketers trying to increase brand penetration
16. Areas of Expertise
17. People At Marketing Unplugged
18. Saloni Singh
Ex Brand Planning Director, Lowe
Ex Idea Lead, Euro RSCG India
Saad Khan
Ex Vice President Planning, Euro RSCG
Ex Lowe, Leo Burnett
Suman Srivastava
Ex CEO of Euro RSCG India
Ex Chief Strategy Officer for Euro RSCG Asia Pacific