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  • 1. blueprint your identity organisation blueprint.tvprojectcompany overviewdate 2012

2. A ManagementB Production01 MdCdEp MpApAh IntroductionIdManagingMungoCreativeAdam ExecutiveAdamDirectorPark DirectorPark Producer HedelinCo DdDrCm AmSr Commercial CrispinDigital Ashley Director Simon Director Marsland-Roberts DirectorMcCarthyRoss is aleading London based mediaproduction agency.conceive, create and deliver We Bd AdEdHb DsJworiginal content to targettedaudiences. Our clients market,communicate and educatemore effectively through the useof quality video graphics andBusinessHugoArt Daniel Editor Jamesanimation. Development BodenhamDirectorStaffordWestonSd WdAaOb MtSw SalesOliver Web MichaelAnimator Steven Director BrownDeveloper Turpin & Modeller, The Communications Building, 48 Leicester Square, London WC2H 7LTblueprint your identity 2 3. 02 V ideo will play a crucial role in the future of modern communications... 03L ast year over a third of all web trafc was videoWe BelieveWe Know We are not aloneBe Kn I n the US an average of 82% of internet users watch video online, at an Y our online presence represents your brand- average of 182 videos per month it is your shopfront and leading spokesperson for your business 8 I n the UK alone over 15 million people are going V ideo is an effective SEO tool. It increases the to watch over 200 million amount of time people01 Clients T here are 8 lines of communication your online videos today stay on your site, reduces bounce rate, improves02 Partnerscompany needs to understand and manage your Google ranking and can signicantly reduce correctly advertising spend03 Investors O ver 35 million people are04 Employees going to watch an average of 17 hours of video this month05 Competitors E very year the amount of06 PublicT he useage and function of video will continue to people that watch video online and the volume of video they watch07 Bank & Gov. expand across all these lines of communication% 89% of FTSE 100 increases by over 10% companies now have video on their website08 Suppliers3 4. 0301 City & Services02 Resources & Industrial03 Technology & Innovation04 Lifestyle & Consumer05 Lifesciences & Healthcare06 Cleantech & Renewables07 Charities & NGOs 4 5. 04 # 79 of our clients areheadquartered outside theUK % 48% of our clients are listed companies# 136 clients lmed in over100 locations Our ReachReAkri-Bijeel Abu Dhabi Aksu Akri-Bijeel Abu Dhabi Aksu Akri-Bijeel Abu Dhabi AksuAktobe Alleroed Antwerp Astana Aktobe Alleroed Antwerp Astana Aktobe Alleroed Antwerp AstanaAthens Baden Baden BergenAthens Baden Baden BergenAthens Baden Baden BergenBerlinBrusselsBudapest BerlinBrusselsBudapest BerlinBrusselsBudapestBukavu Calgary CambodiaBukavu Calgary CambodiaBukavu Calgary CambodiaCambridge Caparica Chihuahua Cambridge Caparica Chihuahua Cambridge Caparica ChihuahuaCinaga Copenhagen Dar es Salaam Cinaga Copenhagen Dar es Salaam Cinaga Copenhagen Dar es SalaamDhaka Dubai Dublin Dhaka Dubai Dublin Dhaka Dubai DublinEchternach Eindhoven EnschedeEchternach Eindhoven EnschedeEchternach Eindhoven EnschedeEspooFlorenceFrankfurt EspooFlorenceFrankfurt EspooFlorenceFrankfurtFresnilloHamiltonHarrogate FresnilloHamiltonHarrogate FresnilloHamiltonHarrogateHaugesund Helsingborg Helsinki Haugesund Helsingborg Helsinki Haugesund Helsingborg HelsinkiHerradura Hrsholm Kamchatka Herradura Hrsholm Kamchatka Herradura Hrsholm KamchatkaKampala Karlskoga KidderminsterKampala Karlskoga KidderminsterKampala Karlskoga KidderminsterKiev KistaKromtau LagosKiev KistaKromtau LagosKiev KistaKromtau Lagos Because of our abilityLeeds Lige Lima London LundLuxembourgMalmMarampa Marlow Mexico City Maputo Leeds Lige Lima London Lund LuxembourgMalm Marampa Marlow Mexico CityMaputoLeeds Lige Lima London LundLuxembourgMalmMarampa Marlow Mexico City Maputoto make international project Mnazi Bay Montalto di Castro Mnazi Bay Montalto di Castro Mnazi Bay Montalto di Castromanagement seamless,weMoscow Mumbai Munich MuscatMoscow Mumbai Munich MuscatMoscow Mumbai Munich Muscatwork with clients from all over New York Nuuk rnskldsvik New York Nuuk rnskldsvik New York Nuuk rnskldsvikworld.Oslo Paris Pavlodar Peru Phnom Oslo Paris Pavlodar Peru Phnom Oslo Paris Pavlodar Peru PhnomPenh Piura Pointe Noire Pucallpa Penh Piura Pointe Noire Pucallpa Penh Piura Pointe Noire PucallpaOur production team haveQuebec Rudny Saint-Nazaire Quebec Rudny Saint-Nazaire Quebec Rudny Saint-Nazairetravelled extensively, capturingSantiago Saratov Saucito Shaikan Santiago Saratov Saucito Shaikan Santiago Saratov Saucito Shaikanlandscapes,assets, andSingapore Sintoukola Stavanger Singapore Sintoukola Stavanger Singapore Sintoukola Stavangerpeople. Our post production StockholmTampere TanzaniaStockholmTampere TanzaniaStockholmTampere Tanzaniaspecialists thenedit andTavua Trujillo Twangiza ValettaTavua Trujillo Twangiza ValettaTavua Trujillo Twangiza ValettaVancouver Yantai Zeebrugge Vancouver Yantai Zeebrugge Vancouver Yantai Zeebruggedeliver the content, with projectmanagers communicatingprogress every step of the way.W e strive to be the bestLondon has to offer for W e have produced web and video content in over 20W e have lmed in over 52countries around the worldin-house production anddifferent languagesagency solutions 5 6. 05 Elements we work withCreate DeliverProductionVideo GraphicsAnimation Commercial Digital WebsitesWeb TV StreamingInvestor Platforms Platforms Pn Vo Gr An Cl Pl Ws Wt StIvPhotography FilmPrint DocumentaryOpenInteractive Training Apps sourcepresentations & education Py Fl Pt Dn Os Ip Te ApConceiveDigital Branding &CreativeCorporate CopywritingMarketing SocialViral videos SeedingSEOAgencyidentitydevelopment messagingmediaAg Br Cd Cm Cw Mg Sm Vv Sg SoInvestorVNR Best practice Presentations Annual Reports Display Analytics AdwordsUser Predictiverelations & compliance campaignsexperience analysisIr Vn Bc Pe Ar Dc Ay Aw Ux PaReading Room, British Library, London6 7. 06Video PhotographyCorporateMessagingCopywriting Video Animation GraphicsWeb TV Case Studies Vo Py Cm CwVo AnGr Wt Cs Website InteractiveVNR Analytics Streaming Corporate Copywriting Analytics Presentation MessagingWsIp Vn AySg Cm CwAyVatukoulaGold MinesHitachiV atukoula is a listed gold H itachi is global technologymining business operating in Fiji. They company driven by innovation. Theywanted to create a corporate websitewere looking to create a platformthat also used video to display their online that could demonstrate theiractivities and operations. We lmed data storage capabilities to the lifeonsite for 4 days and interviewed the sciences sector. We scripted amanagement to create an overviewvoice-over that captured their keyof the business. We created a website messages, split across seven display this information to investorsThe platform used original content andonline and interactive map for them tomaterial from their and our archives.use at events.Content was then used ofine inpresentations and events.+ Click here to see this projecton our website + Click here to see this project on our website7 8. 07 Animation VideoAnimation Case StudiesAnVo AnCsGraphicsCreativeGraphics CommercialDevelopment Gr CdGr Cl3iBetfair3 i is a FTSE100 privateBetfair are the worlds largestequity business. They were looking to internet betting exchange. They werecreate an animation that captured thelooking to create a series of broadcastloneliness of the long distance CEOcommercials to supporttheiras a marketing and education tool. We sponsorship of the Breeders cuptook ideas generated by their portfolio in the US. We developed a conceptof CEOs and created a sequence using the latestslow-motionof illustrated animations based onrotoscoping techniques to animatetheir logo brand and identity. Theimages that captured excitingresults have been used in a variety ofmoments in the sport to promote theirapplications online and ofine. Betfair Starting Price product.+Click here to see this project on our website + Click here to see this projecton our website8 9. 08 VideoAnimation Seeding VideoAnimationCase StudiesVo An Sg Vo An CsGraphics CreativeAnalytics Graphics AnnualWebsite DevelopmentReportGr Cd Ay GrAr Ws ChimeWagamama CommunicationsWagamama is a world-wide Chime Communications is theAsian inspired noodle bar. They were leading diversied communicationslooking to increase awareness of the group of the London Stock Exchange.brand online and to market their STA They wanted to create a new way totravel promotional campaign. Wepresent their key annual results datadeveloped and produced a viral thatdigitally. We built annual report websitewe seeded online and in doing so to house their key information, a casecreated content that was used on study page to showcase their keytheir website, in online advertising initiatives and lmed a round tablecampaigns and in a variety of otherdiscussion with management toofine and online activities.capture the challenges the industry was facing. + Click here to see this project on our website+ Click here to see this project on our website9 10. 09 Animation VideoAnimation Case StudiesAnVo An CsGraphicsCreative CreativeDevelopmentGraphics Development Gr CdGr CdJupiter AssetVirgin MediaManagement V irgin Media provides digitalJ upiter Asset Managementmedia products and services. They is one of the UKs leading fundwanted to communicate how their management groups. They werebusiness services had evolved bylooking for a way to capture peoplessupplying cloud services in the UK. Weattention at an event they were puttingcreated an animated character and together to showcase their servicestook him on on a journey in a virtual and performance. We created videoworld that we designed to help himand animations content that wasexplain and explore some the keydisplayed across a combined array ofevents that have taken place for the21 screens that ca