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  • Fully branded digital gifting & rewards platform

  • 2 | Giftcloud Rewards2 | Giftcloud Rewards

    Welcome to Giftcloud Rewards

    Fully branded digital gifting and rewards

    platform at the touch of button, for a

    fraction of the cost

    Customer Acquisition

    & Retention

    The Giftcloud platform is the perfect tool

    to quickly attract new customers or retain

    existing customers. Giftcloud economics

    enables new efficiencies to be created

    from your marketing budget.

    Employee R&R

    Rewarding your employees or saying

    thank you to a client. Giftcloud can help

    you send out a well done or thank you.

    Loyalty Solutions

    We can provide a fully hosted

    solution that can be rapidly

    deployed, including access to the

    largest range of UK digital content.

    Easily complementing your existing


    Tailored B2C


    Provide your consumer facing

    solution, harness the power of

    Giftcloud. Full end to end solution

    available to adapt and customise to

    your needs.



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    What makes us so special

    Our platform delivery gifts instantly,

    with no fuss or issue of postal delays


    We offer the largest selection of

    eGifts in the UK, with over 75 to

    choose from

    Choice of Content

    Fulfilment on Giftcloud is cheaper than

    standard gift card platforms.

    All we charge is the cost of the gift card

    along with a small fulfilment fee - with

    discounts on bulk orders


    All campaigns are branded and

    optimised to each clients


    Customisation & Branding

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    How it worksOf course we have lots more use-cases but this is the

    basics of what we do and why brands love us!

    Run your campaign and once the campaign has finished and

    the cooling off period has ended follow these simple steps:

    1 3

    They redeem online or instoreThey land on a branded platform and

    choose their reward


    Send your customers an email or SMS

    with a link to their reward

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    Since launching the platform in October

    2015, we have already helped a huge

    number of brands achieve their


    Heres just a small snapshot of some of those brands.


    Who we work with

  • 6 | Giftcloud Rewards6 | Giftcloud Rewards


    Our gift card rewards

    Heres a taste of our most popular gift cards :

    Amazon Currys PC World Debenhams House of Fraser iTunes

    M&S Pizza Express Starbucks John Lewis Arcadia

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    Case Studies

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    Giftcloud runs loyalty and reward

    programmes for third parties, offering

    them the ability to use our exclusive

    and vast array of quality content, via

    their own platforms.

    Loyalty & Rewards


    Running the PAYG loyalty platform for

    Vodafones 12 million UK customers, we

    helped drive engagement with an instant

    choice of valuable and constantly refreshed

    digital content

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    The Giftcloud platform is an ideal tool

    to use for customer acquisition

    marketing, stepping away from

    discounting and avoiding lowering the

    perceived value of your brand.

    Alongside this, our platform has also been

    integrated with every major UK affiliate network,

    allowing tracking and campaign deployment to be

    straightforward and simple.


    Enabling The Times to acquire new customers

    with a choice of rewards

  • 10 | Giftcloud Rewards10 | Giftcloud Rewards

    Giftcloud has the largest choice of digital

    gifts in the UK and as such we can

    empower your CRM team with the ability

    to treat customers with a reward that is

    tailored to them.

    Whether the message is about celebrating a Birthday or

    incentivising a renewal, Giftcloud can provide [CLIENT]

    with a white label solution with Rewards that could be

    low in fiscal value but high in feel good factor



    Providing First Utility customers with a choice

    of relevant rewards helped increase acquisition

    and significantly reduce churn

  • 11 | Giftcloud Rewards11 | Giftcloud Rewards

    Its incredibly important to make your

    existing customers feel as valuable and

    as important as new customers.

    Our platform has been created to help allow businesses

    to reward and in some cases, when necessary, recover

    customers who may have had a negative or unpleasant

    experience. Whether that be a problem with the service,

    breakdown, blackout or any other issue, the platform

    can deliver a reward to help make things better.

    Gestures of Goodwill and Surprise & Delight


    Ovo Energy partners with Giftcloud to provide

    each of their customers a reward on their birthday

  • 12 | Giftcloud Rewards12 | Giftcloud Rewards

    SPOTIFYGiftclouds white label solution integrates

    seamlessly with your technology, allowing

    companies to provide their own digital


    We can provide access to our extensive range of gift

    cards for you to offer via your own version of our


    White Label -eCommerce


    We provided O2 with a new revenue channel

    that harnessed the power of our giftcloud

    marketplace, integrated within their digital and

    mobile customer hubs