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Automated GUI Testing using froglogic's Squish®

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Automated GUI Testingusing froglogic's Squish®

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About froglogic

Headquarters in Hamburg, Germany Privately held Founded in 2003 US presence since 2009 Large and growing customer base in USA, Europe & Asia More than 3,500 customers world-wide

Squish: Total Product Focus

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Why Automate?Squish Improve Product Quality and Stability

Identify Issues Faster- Rapidly test existing functionality for regressions- Execute tests around the clock

Improve Testing Accuracy- Eliminate Human-Error- Repeatable tests without undesired variation- Recognize feature vs implementation issues

Share Knowledge- Share reproducible tests & results- Identify common areas of failure

Increase Testing Coverage- Test More in Less Time- Test scenarios not possible with manual testing- Test across multiple machines simultaneously

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Cross-platform | Multi-technology | Object-based

Applications- Desktop- Mobile- Embedded- Web

Test Creation- Eclipse-based IDE- Business-readable tests (Gherkin)- Recording, Scripting & Code Completion- Python, JavaScript, Perl, Ruby & Tcl

Results- Multiple Result Output Formats- Execution Statistics- Drill-down Details

Why Squish?

Distributed Testing- Command-line tools- Extensive CI and ALM integration options- Flexible, interpreted scripting language architecture

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Technology-dedicated GUI Toolkit Awareness


Why Squish?

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Why Squish?Accurate and Flexible across All Technologies

Object-property based object identifcation Complex and custom control support Script access to application APIs Source code shared with customers Hybrid-application testing support

Touch Applications- Gesture Editor- Multi-touch gesture support

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Latest, Prior & Customized Qt version support Qt5.x, 4.x, 3.x and 2.x

Complete Qt Support

Multi-Platform Support Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X & Embedded Scripts work without modifcation across all platforms

Complete Qt API Script Access Access to all slots and Q_PROPERTYs- includes custom controls

Access beyond slots and Q_PROPERTYs Access to all custom classes of the C++ API Application's Qt signal script function connectivity

Extensive Dedicated Qt Widget Support All standard and complex controls QGraphicsView, QtWebKit, QML, QML2 & Qt Quick Custom controls derived from Qt controls Ability to add dedicated support for complex custom


Why Squish?

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Squish & BDD

Enable non-programmers to create tests- Step recording and statement completion

Produce clearer test results- Color-coded results directly in Features fle

Complete Gherkin Feature File support- 100% compatible with Cucumber, Behave, etc.

Built-in Behavior Driven Development & Testing Support



MakeFeature Test


Write a FailingFeature Test


Release Bug


Why Squish?

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Squish ArchitectureTest Script Creation

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Squish ArchitectureTest Script Execution

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Why Squish?Superior Remote & Distributed Testing Performance

Command-line Tools Extensive Build, ALM and CI tool integrations

JetBrains TeamCity Microsoft® ALM: Visual Studio /Team Foundation

Server / Test Manager HP Quality Center IBM Rational Quality Manager TestTrack TCM

Ant Maven Jenkins / Hudson CruiseControl Atlassian Bamboo Atlassian JIRA Eclipse IDE Eclipse Test & Performance Tools Platform (TPTP)


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Squish Demo

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Given » When » Then

Feature: A new address book

Scenario: an address book is created

Given the application is running

When a new address book is created

Then the address book should be blank

Writing a Feature File



MakeFeature Test


Write a FailingFeature Test


Release Bug


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Cross-platform, multi-technology object-level support Powerful and easy-to-use test creation environment Recording & Scripting in non-proprietary scripting languages Built-in BDD (Gherkin) framework and support Intelligent & Agile Object Map Extensive Build, ALM and CI tool integrations Advanced Built-in Reporting Capabilities Source code available to customers

Squish: Providing the power and agility to ensure testing success today and as your product evolves!

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Evaluate Todaywww.froglogic.com/evaluate

Resources www.froglogic.com/resources doc.froglogic.com kb.froglogic.com [email protected]

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Learn Move

To learn more about some of the topics discussed today, visit our Video Library or YouTube Channel!

Sample Topics Object Not Found tool Script Debugging Inspecting Object Properties Data-driven Testing Object Map Tips & Tricks and more...

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Squish Licensing Models

Group License:

Group licenses are typically used when several people share a fewer concurrent license seat

Group Licensing Examples

Named License:

Named User licenses are the best choice for dedicated testers, where each user always needs full access to Squish.

Named Licensing Examples