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….the most effective Attack Mitigation System A Short intro to AMS and DefensePro

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Overview of Radware's Attack Mitigation System, and particularly focused on DefensePro for Ddos Security

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….the most effective Attack Mitigation System

•A Short intro to AMS and DefensePro

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Mapping Security Protection Tools

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Large volume network flood attacks

High & Low rate application DoS attacks

“Low & Slow” DoS attacks

Brute force attack

Web application attacks

(e.g. XSS, Injections, CSRF)

SYN flood

Port scan

Network scan


Intrusion, Malware

DoS Protection

Behavioral Analysis

IP Reputation




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Introducing Radware Attack Mitigation System

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AMS Protection Set

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NBA• Prevent application resource misuse • Prevent zero-minute malware

DoS Protection• Prevent all type of network DDoS attacks

IPS• Prevent application vulnerability exploits

Reputation Engine• Financial fraud protection• Anti Trojan & Phishing

WAF• Mitigating Web application threats and zero-day attacks

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OnDemand Switch: Designed for Attacks Mitigation

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OnDemand SwitchPlatform Capacity up to 40Gbps (10, 20, 30, & 40Gbps Available)

DoS Mitigation Engine• ASIC based• Prevent high volume attacks• Up to 25 Million PPS of attack protection

NBA Protections & WAF

IPS & Reputation Engine• ASIC based String Match & RegEx Engine• Performs deep packet inspection

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Designed to Perform Under Attack



25 MillionPPS


Other Network Security Solutions



+ Attack




Other Solutions handle attack traffic at the expense of legitimate traffic!

Other Solutions handle attack traffic at the expense of legitimate traffic!

Attack traffic does not impact legitimate traffic

Attack traffic does not impact legitimate traffic

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DefensePro Layers of Defense

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Behavioral-based protections

DMEDDoS Mitigation Engine

(25M PPS)

L7 Regex Acceleration ASIC

Multi Purpose Multi Cores CPU’s(Up to 40 Gbps)

& Reputation Engine

Hardware Architecture – Tailored for Attack Mitigation

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Radware AMS & ERT/SOC

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• Security Operations Center (SOC)– Provides weekly and emergency signature updates– Maintains on-going application vulnerability protection

• Emergency Response Team (ERT)– Provide 24x7 service for customers under attack– Neutralize DoS/DDoS attacks and malware outbreaks

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Radware Security Products Portfolio

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AppWallWeb Application Firewall (WAF)

DefenseProNetwork & Server attack prevention device

APSolute VisionManagement and security reporting & compliance

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PayPal proof

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