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What we do What do we do? Panvista has created a software as a service platform that enables corporations to launch, fully branded and customized mobile websites and mobile applications. Our applications are designed to allow users to develop applications across platform automatically - this includes iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Android. Our platform allows users to add news feeds in RSS feeds (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube etc), add sections, icons, logos and whatever they please into a mobile enabled application. Each application is armed with robust analytics and support to ensure the success of the app. We see mobile applications as the future of communications and believe that it’s pertinent to enable users and companies to launch mobile apps - without all of the hassle of launching a custom application we save users time, money and resources and take care of all of the tricky work of submitting and developing an application.

Our customers use their applications for: Events, Corporate Communications, Sales Materials, Internal communications, Recruiting, Human Resources, Conferences, Onboarding, Extranets, Market Research, Business Development, Operations, Proposals, Client Portals, High Value Clients, Reporting, Project Updates and more...

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What we do Why does anyone care about mobile? •  In 2011, for the first time more smartphones were sold than PCs or laptops. •  By 2014, Gartner estimates that 80% of the North American population will be carrying a Smartphone. •  28% of all internet usage is from a mobile phone. •  The average smartphone owners currently spend 94 minutes a day on mobile applications. •  In 2013, 153 million consumer tablets are anticipated to sell. By 2016, tablets will be outselling PC’s.

B2B buyers have changed the way they buy services. In the age of social media and internet research, prospects take the effort to learn everything they can about your organization before they ever decide to come to you for a pitch or proposal. Companies are getting smart, starting to act like publishers giving prospects every opportunity to access the information that interests them at their own pace, rather than having it dictated to them in a sales setting. Most people don’t like being sold to, people need time to assimilate information and trust that they’re making the best decision for themselves and their company.

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What we do

The Mobile Suite

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Mobile Web There are 1.2 billion mobile web users worldwide. That’s 17% of the global population. First impressions are important and your website is the first thing people see when researching the brand. People want to find specific pieces of information about the company. A mobile website will help create a great first impression while being a highly functional tool for all visitors.

The Panvista system lets you launch mobile websites and tablet websites with a couple clicks. Each section can be specific to the mobile site or it can cross platforms into an applications. We’ve made it simple to edit, customize and launch perfect mobile websites.

Each site is armed with analytics to ensure that customers can get to know their visitors down to the very last detail.

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Mobile Applications Panvista’s mobile software helps companies to quickly launch branded mobile apps. Every app launched through the Panvista platform is backed by world-class infrastructure and is fully customizable providing organizations with a flexible and scalable mobile app platform.

These applications come equipped with analytics (most apps don’t)

Come with options to use push notifications, have rich media support (YouTube, Facebook feeds etc)

Mobile apps have become the new opt-in form of marketing. Take the spam out of your mailbox and ensure that your audience is voluntarily reading material.

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The App Launcher The App Launcher helps you send relevant information to select clients & employees using your own branded mobile apps.

Panvista’s App Launcher can manage different information sets from one interface, meaning one central point of control for all your mobile content.

After you pick an audience to publish your information to, users download the launcher from the App store of their choice. Once downloaded and open, users enter their secure login credentials to open the app within the Launcher.

Example use cases: Business Development Toolkit. Equip your attorneys with the materials they need to be better sales people. Give them access to the most up to date firm resources like videos, fee information and deal lists right on their smartphone or tablet.

Client and Industry Portals. Proving that you’re the best firm for the job can be helped by giving high value clients mobile access to custom resources like dictionaries, reference guides, check lists, subscription services, deal lists, and videos.

Proposals and Pitches. After pitches and proposals are sent, it’s difficult to determine a prospect’s interest level. Providing this information through an app enables you to see what people are reading and who they’re sharing the information with.

Alumni Apps. Websites require attorneys to be at their computer and remember to login to see what is happening at the firm. Generate more referrals by delivering relevant information directly to their devices.

Event Apps. Notify attendees quickly of changes in event details. With event apps, you have the ability to push changes out to attendees as well as give them access to agendas and conference resources on their mobile devices.

Newsletters, Alerts, Updates and Podcasts. Whenever a new piece of legislation is released, it’s tough to get your email read in an over crowded inbox. Add to the fact that PDF heavy alert emails don’t work on mobile devices and click through rates hurt.

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What we do Thoughts... Let’s talk!

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George Leff [email protected]

647-477-5750 X 1003