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Minibug is an iterative innovation research project from the Test Kitchen, the open R&D Lab at Bug Labs.

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Dan             Power mangagment / battery within wireless sensor devices

Former Sentilla    City College

RobWireless Energy NetworksSensor Device Designer

Grounded Power  &   ITP cognitive psychology NYU

AliciaResearch & Development

Rapid PrototypesTest Kitchen

Bug Labs

With help from:

Jeff Kirsch, School of Visual Artsprojects.jeffkirsch.com

Jarek Lupinski, Stevens Institute of Technology www.soniktech.com

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• Minibug is complete. If it cost a grand you would still want one. Everything has been thought of.

• Minibug is farsighted. The entire prototyping process has been considered and elegantly addressed.

• Minibug is transparent. It removes the barriers to prototyping a new idea by performing right out of the box, extending itself over the Internet to anywhere, and interacting easily with other systems and devices.

• Minibug is easy. Every aspect just works. The makers of Minibug have sweated the details.

• Minibug is kind. It was made with relentless empathy for the user and the prototyping process. It's weird how the device seems to know what you need.

• Minibug is possible. Each aspect we've envisioned already successfully exists. Rather than introducing new technologies or concepts, it's our combination that's the special sauce.


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Initial Brainstorm

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Sports Data Environmental     Sensing

Ambient Indicator

Energy Tracking

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Possibility 1: Sports

• Gyro/acceleration/temperature

• Curated data log • Wrapped with Physics curriculum



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Possibility 2: Ambient

  changeable, text enabled 

Status signs outside room

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Possibility 3: Energy Sensing

• Provides sophisticated answers:         Am I wasting energy?

• Social comparison component

• Smart Grid component: protects from brown outs

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Possibility 4: Environmental Sensing

•  Soil & Water Quality Reports

•  Light /pH / Humidity sensors

•  Solenoid automatically waters • Wrapped in biology curriculum with ABET Accreditation


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Technology Review


Blackwidow & Yellow Jacket Arduino

Grounded Power module


Online Python Tutor

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Technology UX

1. Open minibug package, plug it in, instant online! 2. Entering generated keycode collects your data 3. Interactions online through a browser 4. wrapper branded miniBUG API  5. Ability to return to a factory reset of device.

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Next Steps

• Which verticals to sketch in a low-fidelity prototype?

• Is miniBUG module-based?

• Should it work with current IDE or with BUGswarm?


 • One Input device + curriculum

• One Output device = Ambient indication

• Wireframe the UX