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David Leib September, 2011

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David LeibSeptember, 2011

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Team & Advisors

David Leib

CEO & Founder

Ellen Ensher

Advisory Board

Jon Oleinick

Advisory Board

David Levy

Advisory Board

AR Solutions

Web Developer →

AVP, Corporate Lending, BankUnited (5 yrs) MBA in Entrepreneurship

Specializing in interactive design & development Experience in developing social presence

Ph.D. & Professor at Loyola Marymount University Researcher & established expert in mentoring

Seasoned entrepreneur w/ successful exit experienceMIT & Wharton School graduate

Seasoned business executive (currently SVP, Willis)Lead in building brokerage startup to $35MM in <5yrs

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Problem & Solution

Traditional mentoring increasingly inefficientCommunication methods have changed

Speed & efficiency is neededConnecting through an online presence


Colleges/Universities•Re-engagement of alumni via traditional alumni-to student mentoring

Trade Associations•New members lacking necessary skills & unable to align w/seasoned members

Businesses•Engaging & improving junior talent for succession and retention


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Mentorfly: Creating Accessibility & Reshaping Mentoring

Community •Central location for advocates of mentorship to connect•Detailed user search tools•Ideal mentor/mentee profile creation•Requesting a connection•Shadow users

Platform•Microblog as primary communication method •Abbreviated dialogue via short & pointed messages•“Always Open” line of communication between users•Accumulation of valuable nuggets of information over time creates robust user value

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Secret Sauce

Platform•Mentorship for the masses

•Accessibility to mentorship

•Virtual communication driven

•Efficient communication structure

•Patentable platform

Rewards/Recognition•Virtual currency/M-notes

•Product discounts

•Corporate partners


Niche•University/college market focus

•Systemized approach

•Established leader in alumni-to-student mentoring platform

•Metrics-driven value adds to schools

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Value to UserMENTORS

Personal valueConvenience

Clear expectationSelf-exploration

Giving backSeeing the results

Professional valueLeaderboard

Additional marketing outlet

Personal valueAccess to Mentorship

No costExpanded skills/knowledge

Quality relationshipsGenuine advocates

Professional valueNetworking

Career opportunities


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Subscription Fees•Colleges/universities

•Trade associations



Display Advertising

•Generated from general platform

•Initial revenue from Ad Networks

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Market Size – U.S.General Platform Enterprise Platform

Currently*147 Million Social Network Users

By 2013*164 Million


Trade Associations90,908

Businesses (500+ employees)

24,425Growing trend in “knowledge market” via

new sites/features: Quora, Facebook answers, Linkedin answers

**Heaviest use of social networking sites primarily concentrated in markets heavily

influenced by major colleges and universities *eMarketer – US Social Network Users & Penetration 2009-2013

**Experian & Simons Marketing – Social Network report 2010

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CompetitorsGeneral Platform Enterprise Platform

Horsesmouth (UK)•Focus on virtual connection only (not speed & efficiency)•Based/focused in UK•No revenue model


Facebook Linkedin QuoraiMentor

Potential Entrants


Triple Creek •Main focus/strategy on business platform customer acquisition•Software built for business customers

Potential EntrantsYammer


Competitive Advantages Defensibility•Platform focused on speed & efficiency•Unique rewards system (m-notes)•Niche focus on universities/colleges

•Patentability of unique platform & feature set•Switching costs of universities/colleges

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Key Milestones•Splash page launched 3/2011 •Beta testing projected to begin 7/2011•Verbal interest from Nova Southeast University to be pilot school

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FinancialsAssumptionsInvestment $400MStake 20%Hurdle rate 30%

  2012 2013 2014

Downside ($353,515) ($324,447) ($278,921)

Expected ($228,545) $244,447 $710,329

Upside ($94,780) $712,995 $1,637,205

2012 2013 2014

Total Subscribers $180.0 $805.0 $1,388.0Total Ad Sales 0.94 0.36 0.79

Total revenue $180.1 $805.4 $1,388.8

Sales and Marketing Expense 295.9 430.0 463.0

General and Administrative Expense 72.5 101.0 200.5

Research and Development Expense 40.2 30.0 15.0EBIT ($228.5) $244.4 $710.3

Projected Year Ending Dec. 31

Expected Earnings







2012 2013 2014

Downside Expected Upside



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Exit Strategy

Allows google entry into social networking space

Possible strategy to differentiate through niche focused social


May add a niche compliment to a social network site they build

to compete with facebook

Adds highly synergistic & value added service

to their users

User base is most consistent with Mentorfly users

Allows for possible future entry into niche markets

Defensive acquisition preventing future competition from


Possible acquisition / merger with leading mentoring enterprise

software companies

Chronus has alumni-student software suite – may have most interest in acquiring Mentorfly

customer base

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Q & A

ProductTeamMarket SizeValue to UsersBusiness ModelUser AcquisitionRisks & Precautions

Product ComparisonsAlternative Revenue StreamsManagement ExpertisePotential AcquirersFinancials3-Year Revenue Projections

AccreditedBackgroundVintage yearHow much capital in totalHow much currently deployed Number of investmentsWho are your LP’sInvestment thesis