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Startup Sauna Building world-class start-ups Aalto Venture Garage Ville Simola

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Startup SaunaBuilding world-class start-ups

Aalto Venture GarageVille Simola

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Key success factors

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Key Success Factors

Culture of venturing from grass roots: Aaltoes,

meaning that we have best students and researchers interested to a) start b) work on startups

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Key Success Factors

Ideas and teams coming not only from Aalto

or rest of Finland but from whole Baltics and Nordics: only way to get good enough people and ideas

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experienced serial entrepreneurs with international

success and failures as coaches to work with the selected startups from very beginning: our coaches

Key Success Factors

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Key Success Factors

Exposure for the best startups to real markets, competitors, investors and specially to culture of doing business: 3- 4 months in the valley, in future Israel and china

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Startup Sauna

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The Concept

General• Development concept with intensive work-out sessions and active coaching• Duration 6 weeks for Startup Sauna including remote sessions, 1 day for the

local Startup Sauna warmups• Executed with the mix of AVG coaches and local/regional certified coaches• Intense Business Development, not just education

Goal• To create a launch-pad for new start-ups aiming for global high-growth• To bring together all parties needed (VC´s, entrepreneurs, scientists and

corporations) to produce new ground-breaking innovations

Certified Coach Profile• Successful execution of one or more high-growth start-ups• Raised more than 10 M€ of VC funding or executed an 5x -exit

8 02.01.08

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The Process





Market AccessDealflowGeneration


StartUp Sauna(1 day)

The Startup SaunaIntense(6 weeks)

Startup SaunaGlobal

(3-6 months)


Activation for the ecosystem

• Active Promotion of Growth Entrepreneurship

• Events (Aalto ES Fair, Garage 48 etc.)

• Promotion and PR

Business Potential Analysis

• Executed regionally (rapid analysis and development)

• Focus on market potential and access

• Pitching Competition• Best teams to The


Growth Preparation• Initial funding• Market Entry• Business Model• Team

Transformation• International


Growth execution• 3-6 months• Intensive cooperation

with STVP and other partners TBD

• Remote periods (e.g. in Silicon Valley) with intensive market penetration

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The Value Creation



Idea Commercialization




The local Startup Saunas

(1 day)

AVGThe Startup Sauna

(6 weeks)

Vigos(12-24 months)

VC´sUniver-sity ES´s

Idea management• Innovation

disclosure management as required by the law

• Fostering the growth business ecosystem

• New programs for growth entrepreneurship education and research

Business Potential Analysis

• “Venture Cups” regionally (rapid analysis and development)

• Focus on market potential and access

• Team analysis and competence gaps

Business building and development

• 2 annually• Customer exposure• Team Building• Business model(s)• Cooperation with

FFI (LTO)• Partners (STVP etc)

used for international market access

Growth Preparation• Initial funding• Market Entry• Team

Transformation• International


Growth execution• Seed and growth

funding• Market Access• VC business model


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Warmup events

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Hub of the Baltic Region

12 02.01.08

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The Startup Sauna Cities and Schedules

Finland• Turku 16.3.2011• Oulu 23.3.2011• Tampere 24.3.2011• Helsinki/Espoo 12.4.2011

13 02.01.08

The Baltic Rim• St Petersburg 4.4.2011• Moscow 6.4.2011• Stockholm 8.4.2011• Riga 15.4.2011

The Start-Up Sauna Intense 2.5-17.6

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Startup Sauna warmup schedule

Time Topic Hosted By

10.00 Welcome Ville Simola, AVG

10.15 Introduction to Startup Sauna: What is takes to build a great start-up

Juha Ruohonen, AVG

11.00 Networking Break

11.15 First pitches and feedback from coaches Teams and Coaches

12.15 Lunch Break

13.15 One-to-one with the coaches Teams and Coaches

16.00 Final Pitches Teams

17.00 Winners and networking Ville Simola, AVG

14 02.01.08

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Startup Sauna Intensive

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The Startup SaunaIntensive

Customer Exposure



Business Concept

Week 1

Definition of the business concept

• Customer problem or market challenge

• Solution description• Value generation

and monetization• Business model and


Customer Exposure• Intro to prospects• Feedback analysis• Business concept

iteration• Value proposal


Business Potential Analysis

• Market Info• Remote Period /

business visits• Business concept

iteration• Business

Potential Analysis

Expansion Plan• Business Concept

Finalization• Feedback from the

market• Business concept

iteration• Key Financials and

funding plan• Demo Day





Bus Model

Week 2-3







er Value

Week 4

Market Info



Business PotentialBusiness Potential

Week 5-6

Business Concept




Demo Day

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Working Mode

• Intensive • 2-3 sessions per week, occasional week-end• Customer exposure• One-to-one with coaches• Lots of pitching• Team effort• Execution• Demo Day

• And lots of fun!

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18 02.01.08

• What it takes!• Advise• Insight• Views

• Team• Network• International

• New Ideas• New Concepts• New Partners

What do the teams get?

• Concept Presentation

• Executive Summary

• Financial Model

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Have Faith!

Chutzpah (ISR)

“Gall, brazen nerve, effrontery, incredible guts, presumption plus arrogance such as no other word or language can do justice”


“Special strength and stubborn determination to continue and overcome in the moment of adversity. It's a combination of stamina, courage, and obstinacy held in reserve for hard times.”

19 17.3.2011

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Ville [email protected]+358 44 070 0520www.aaltovg.com

Juha [email protected]+358 40 3511892www.aaltovg.com