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Expense Reduction Jerry Pollio 832-314-1815 Electronic Payment Processing

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Expense ReductionJerry Pollio832-314-1815

Electronic Payment Processing

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• Risk-free analysis of your entire Electronic Payment Processing environment.

• Our core focus is reducing processing costs – we average 27-28% in savings. If we don’t find savings, there is no fee.

• If we do find savings for you – our fees are self-funded as a portion of what you used to pay providers, the net profit goes to you.

Schooley Mitchell’s Value Proposition

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• Independence and objectivity – we have no affiliations with any supplier.

• We remain vigilant – we remain up-to-date regarding the latest government regulations and best-in-class price points.

• Service guarantees your pricing will not be affected by portfolio wide rate increases.

Schooley Mitchell’s Value Proposition

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• True costs associated with processing are not disclosed.

• The electronic processing/merchant service industry is mostly unregulated when it comes to billing and sales practices.

• Extremely complex and cloudy system by which processing costs are determined.

• Convoluted billing systems – wholesale relationship not available to most businesses.

Why is EPP Confusing?

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• New equipment is usually not required.• Banks and processing company salespeople

are not independent – they sell machines and services.

• Existing banking relationship does not have to change in order to obtain maximum savings.

EPP Industry Facts vs. Fiction

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Components of Card Processing Costs

InterchangeInterchange Rate (522 rates) *Very difficult to determine if appropriate rates are chargedDPI (Discount Per Item)

Dues and AssessmentsVisa = 0.11% + $0.034 APF Fee MC = 0.11% + $0.034 NABU FeeDisc = 0.105% + $0.034 DNAF Fee

MSP (Merchant Service Provider)Monthly Access FeeDiscount Rate (% above Interchange)

Communication FeesFront-End Authorization FeeBack-End Capture Fee 

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No-Risk AuditNon-Biased Needs

AnalysisEducational ProcessPricing Locked InTransparent Cost Plus

Pricing & Billing StructureWholesale Level Price


24-48 Hour Deposit TimesInterchange Category

AuditingMonthly Auditing and

Quarterly ReportsPCI-DSS Consulting &

SAQ GuidanceAll Major Processing


Why Review/Audit?

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1) Do you accept payments from your customer/clients by:

a) Credit Cardsb) Debit Cards

2) Are you aware that government legislation (Durbin Amendment) has caused significant changes in the costing of EPP services? It is unlikely you are receiving the appropriate benefits for your method of doing business.

3) Do you receive a monthly statement from a Processor detailing transaction charges for electronic payments received?

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4) Are you aware there are hundreds of different rate categories for processing depending on the type, volume, and size of transactions?

a) And wholesale pricing options are available in some cases? b) And there is a possibility for errors in applying rate categories? c) And there is legislation that affects costing for some categories? d) And you do not have to change banks to qualify for reductions or


5) Would you like us to audit this area for you, where we review your processing statements and agreements, apply analysis tools to break down various transaction types and options, and apply our consulting process to reduce your monthly costs for you? We have been able to reduce our client costs by an average of 27-28%.

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Jerry Pollio832-314-1815je[email protected]/jmpollio