How technology has changed our lives

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How technology has changed our lives

How technology has changed our livesTechnology in the 21st Century1Tracy Robinson2Technology Strategy BasicsFirm Founding (NTBF) or an R&D Project in a Firm:Create protectable value for which real customers or specific organizations will pay money to the company rather than its competitionValue CreationHow does the scientific idea or technology create protectable market and technical value?Which product, process, application?Value CaptureCan we capture the market value inherent in this idea/technology in the face of competition?2Entrepreneurship.doc:How to Back the Right Technology This is the challenge facing executives in all technology-driven markets: how to choose the right technologies to invest in, with the company's future at stake. To help companies make the right choices, we studied the evolution of competing technologies in various markets.understand some important patterns of technological evolutionMistakes:fail to distinguish among different levels of technologyassume technological performance follows a standard path technological innovations shape consumers' tastes,companies are often better off betting on more than one horse.Technology portfolio (patent portfolio) Lifestyle Changes: Video Games

Children Less Active Spike in Obesity RateLess Sun/Lower ImmunitySocial AspectAggressionImproved Problem-Soving Skills8/8/2014Tracy Robinson3Communication Via Text Messages

Popular Form Of CommunicationFewer Oral Conversations Between Family/FriendsSpecial Text Terms and AcronymsCommunication Not Private

8/8/2014Tracy Robinson4Personal EmailsElectronic Mail URGENTSpeedy Delivery Receive Business Communication Share Information/Files Emails are Public8/8/2014Tracy Robinson5ImS8/8/2014Tracy Robinson6Cell Phones

Stay in Touch Whenever, WhereverComputer Within Cell PhonesAbility to Access the InternetGPS Capable Portable Means of Communication8/8/2014Tracy Robinson7Bluetooth

Links Devices WirelesslyEnables Hands-Free Cell Phone Usage8/8/2014Tracy Robinson88/8/2014Tracy Robinson9The InternetShare FilesWatch T.V.Download MusicMakes Identity Theft Easier8/8/2014Tracy Robinson10Technology Classes: OpportunitiesKey TechnologyA crucial element in research/innovation; may involve the creation of fundamentally new capabilities (advantages) Platform TechnologyA core competency; basis for exploitation strategiesEnhancing TechnologyIncremental shifts in product performance of existing materials, e.g. chemical nanotechnology (known markets!)Enabling TechnologySubset of technologies, prerequisite or essential for a specific phase of (chemical) science, product or process development, or manufacturing; also new functions for existing materialsPacing TechnologyA technological area representing a limiting factor in the progress of a particular program (project or innovation)Portable Mp3 Players

8/8/2014Tracy Robinson11LAP TOPSPortableWi-Fi Optional Work Way From HomePrivacy Issues8/8/2014Tracy Robinson12

COMPUTER PROGRAMSWord Processor Software8/8/2014Tracy Robinson13Social NetworkingPopularity of FacebookMake New FriendsPlay Game

8/8/2014Tracy Robinson14The plan includes products, market focus , and action plan8/8/2014Tracy Robinson15