How the TV remote changed our lives

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  • 1. How the TV remote changed our lives

2. The age of egocasting
Remote control
Cable television
On demand
Personal media
3. Space Command 200
Space Command 200
Space Command 600
Primary use: immobile novelty seeking
5. Studies
Krendl& Troiano: Toddlers
Perse& Ferguson: Men vs. Women
Eastman & Neal-Lunsford: Viewer loyalty
Kubey & Csikszentmihalyi: Television Addiction
Pediatrics: ADHD
6. Effects
A nation of grazers
Group polarization
Consumption ofculture through mediating technologies
7. Video recording
Forrester Research: Increased TV use
DTG (UK): 3 more hours per week
Next Research: 5-6 more hours per week
The TiVo Story: Everyone deserves home entertainment
Trying to watch less leads to more
Increasingly popular in the U.S.
8. Personal media
Michael Bull: absent presence
Gabriel Sherman: like a drug
Changing relationship between producer and audience
9. Questions
Recent changes in media consumption?
Examples of group polarization?
Culture skewed by mediating technologies?
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