How Internet has changed our lives !!!

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<ul><li>1.How Internet has changed our lives ?</li></ul> <p>2. Evolution Internet actually was found in 1960 and was further developed into www in 1991.Later on it continued to grow rapidly till date. What is Internet ? Internet is network of networks that connect millions of users over the word to share data,news and opinions. 3. The way things changed 4. Fields Of Revolution1Communication2Business/Marketing3News4Social Media5Online Shopping, Online reservations6e-Learning7Advertising 5. Social Networking Addiction of modern eraWith social networking sites, you can easily get in touch with family and friends. Simply add them on Facebook and youre ready to chat! You can chat to someone halfway across the world through instant messaging, email and Skype calls with a click of the button. With high speed broadband you can even share photos, videos and music. 6. e-LearningThe internet has opened up a whole new world of possibilities in regards to information sharing. Before the World Wide Web students had to go to librarys to do their research. Nowadays you have all the information at your fingertips. Also aids one with online tutorials,expert lectures,free e-books,correspondence courses and various entrance guides. 7. Online ShoppingNow the whole world is your personal shopping mall! You can buy Chanel dresses from Paris and Mongolian fur coats from Ulan Bator in the same shopping spree. 8. Online Job SearchBack in the old days, the only way to find a job was through recruitment agencies and the local paper. Now all of your job searching can be done online. 9. Classic Vs. Modern 10. Global VillageToday, the print media is dying because of the technological development, everyone is heading towards the Internet to find the information. Constantly updates one with events happening around the world in day-to day life. 11. MarketingExtends over wide sectors like real estate, properties, products, services and alike. 12. Incredible ConnectivityFrom a business point of view, devices like dedicated servers allow your whole office remain connected 24/7. 13. Last but not the Least !!! Online Banking1Remember the days when you had to go to the bank every time you wanted to do your banking? Well since the arrival of the internet and online banking, managing your finances is so much more convenient.Work from Home2The internet has made it possible for millions of people to work from home. You can now earn a living without getting out of your pajamas.Entertainment3Enables one to play games and compete with people spread across the globe, watch movies.. 14. THANK YOU! </p>