Three apples that changed our lives

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2. Adam and Evewere the firsthumans, createdby God to takecare of Hiscreation, topopulate theearth, and tohave arelationship withHim. 3. God told Adam that hewas free to eat fromevery tree in thegarden, except the tree ofknowledge of GOODand EVIL.God said that he woulddie if he ate the fruit. 4. Later, Eve wasdeceived by Satanspeaking through aserpent and atethe fruit. She thentook the fruit toAdam and he ate itknowing he wasdoing the wrongthing 5. Did God expelAdam and Evefrom the gardenwithout providinga way for them torepair theirrelationship withHim? 6. Or did Godmake a wayforpeoples sinto be takencare of? 7. If you believe that Adam and Eve werecreated by God and disobeyedHim, bringing sin into this world, doesthat make you a sinner? If so, howdoes that change your view ofyourself? Of God? Of your relationshipwith God? 8. These are vitalquestions to exploreas they lead to theultimate questions oflife. . . 9. A man may imagine things that arefalse, but he can only understandthings that are true. Isaac Newton 10. Gravity is a myth, the Earth sucks??? 11. SIRISSACSAID 12. Gravity - Its not just a good idea, itsthe Law! 13. Gravity explains the motions of theplanets, but it cannot explain who setsthe planets in motion. Isaac Newton 14. God said, Let Newton be! andall was light. 15. He startedApple Computerwith friend SteveWozniak in hisparents garage1976. The manhas changedtechnology, created it as weknow it today...THE BEGINNING. 16. BYTE INTO ANAPPLE 17. That 300 million iPods have beensold till date is proof enough thatthey changed the way the worldlistened to music since 2001 18. THERE ARE PHONES AND 19. THERE IS iPhone 20. THERE ARE MUSIC PLAYERS AND 21. THERE IS iPod 22. THERE ARE PCs AND 23. THERE IS Mac 24. SteveJobs, innovator, inventor, designpatron, the man whochanged the waydesigners and non-designersthink, do, share, listen, create, behave no more. 25. THE HUNTFOR THEFOURTHAPPLE STILLCONTINUES. 26. THANK YOU!!!!BY:-KRITIKA GARGAYUSHI GUPTARITIKA PANDEYASTHA GUPTAGURPRIYA SINGHSHUBHRA JAIN