How Person Centred Planning Changed Our Lives. HOW PERSON CENTRED PLANNING CHANGED OUR LIVES…. Our Wedding Our Cruise Decorating our home Planning and.

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  • How Person Centred Planning Changed Our Lives
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  • HOW PERSON CENTRED PLANNING CHANGED OUR LIVES. Our Wedding Our Cruise Decorating our home Planning and completing our garden College courses Increased family contact for frank Developing independence around household tasks Increased understanding of care plan Guidance and record forms Pets Rotas to suit our support needs
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  • Our Wedding Person Centred Planning enabled us to achieve our dream of getting married. Using a map we made plans to get married the way we wanted. It was important to us to have the wedding we wanted. Some relatives gave us advice on what to do, but we discussed their ideas and concerns with the staff who helped us make choices that we wanted and that could happen, and if there was a problem we found a way to solve it. After all the hard work and planning, the best thing was getting married to Frank and the support of everyone to help Frank say his marriage vows.
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  • Our Cruise We went on a cruise to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. We needed to look at what problems there could be and plan away of over coming them. We worked with staff to save the money and plan all parts, to ensure we were safe and able to go abroad alone. Going on a cruise proved to ourselves and others who doubted us, that we could do it on our own, having looked at the risks and ways we could do it safely!
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  • Decorating our home We identified in our link-up meetings what we wanted and needed to improve in our home. We have chosen the colours of our kitchen, bedroom and living room, and took the time to identify colour schemes. We selected the carpet we wanted for our living-room and the cushioned flooring in our bedroom. With some support we arranged for delivery and payment, asking for assistance to ensure we had enough money to pay for them.
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  • Planning and completing our garden Our garden was planned with a map identifying our first thoughts. we followed these up with meetings about the plan, and what we wanted and what we would do in what order. We wanted a rockery, and a whirly clothes line as I could alter the height of it. We have grown some vegetables with the help of staff and a friend called Gordon who lives near us.
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  • College courses Sue enrolled herself onto an English course. Staff have supported Frank to do different courses at college, which have included gardening, cookery and computers and independent skills. We discussed our interests in doing courses at our link-ups and staff supported us to organise and re-register.
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  • Increased family contact for frank Frank said he wanted to see his family again, and get some pictures of his mum and dad. In using maps it was agreed that staff would support him to write a letter to tell members of his family that he didnt see very often, and those he had lost touch with to get together and be part of his big day. Since the wedding Frank visits his sisters Iris Yvonne every week, and hopes to hear from his brothers at Christmas.
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  • Developing independence around household tasks We worked with the staff to produce a household jobs check sheet. Frank understand what needs to be done. SAT WASHING CLEAN BATHROOM CLEAN SINK/ DRAINER / WORKTOPS
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  • Guidance and record forms Staff supported us to put together guidance forms on what to do if there is ; A FIRE INFORMATION ON OUR ABILITIES AROUND COOKING, MEDICATION, WASHING ETC. ALL INFORMATION IS SUPPORTED BY PICTURES TO HELP US REMEMBER AND OTHERS UNDERSTAND WHAT IS GOING ON. Frank and Sues Fire Escape Plan Day time
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  • Personal picture incorporated review formats To help us to understand what was written in our reviews we worked with staff to produce a review form that had a picture of us on them. It helps Frank know what the writing means and makes it more interesting. Review report SUE HURST Health Cooking Social & Leisure Personal care / self help/image Cleaning Meeting friends
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  • Pets Staff helped us to choose pets we could look after. We wanted a dog but after talking about what we would need to do we found it would be hard to go on holiday. We now have two budgies called, Crystal and Rosie.
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  • Rotas to suit our support needs Our rotas are written to provide support when we need it. We have staff at a certain time on a Friday so we can go to the bank and do our weekly shopping. When we were planning to get married and during the final weeks of preparation the rotas were always altering so that we had staff for meetings with the Vicar, and to attend the church rehearsals, as well as the final organisation of the reception room with staff working until 1am, and being available to support us to get to and from the coach meeting point for our honeymoon. Similar changes occurred to support us with the cruise, with needing support at the airport to ensure we got where we needed to be, and get some support.
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