12 ways technology has changed our lives

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12 ways that technology has changed our livesCTS 125 Mrs. MartinezJason Nguyen

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Technology Jason Nguyen2Throughout this presentation I will document 12 things that have changed in our lives because of technology.

Outline: Change is good2

Post CardsWhy mail picture postcards to friends and family during your vacation, when you can so easily take photos with your smartphone and send them instantly with a text or share them on Facebook?Jason Nguyen3

Post Cards: Post those pics to Facebook!3

Fold a mapFew people these days bother with traditional road maps instead they can use apps such as MapQuest and Google Maps to figure out where theyre going, or the GPS systems in their cars to help them get there.Jason Nguyen4

Maps: Google maps has gotten me to where I was going many times4

NewspapersNewspapers were how most people learned what was happening. Today we get most of it online, instantly and, in most cases, free of charge.Jason Nguyen5

Newspapers: I start my day with Yahoo news and local news online5

Writing LettersScholars have been mourning the lost art of conversation, and now letter writing is going the same way. Many people are communicating through email, instant messaging, text messages and social media, few choose to write letters anymore.Jason Nguyen6

Letters: Text message coming through!6

Consult the Yellow PagesThe idea of a printed telephone directory to help customers locate businesses seems almost quaint in an era when so many companies have their own websites and consumers post reviews online to help other people determine which business can best meet their needs.Jason Nguyen7

Yellow Pages: Such a waste of trees!7

Call theaters for movie informationIts still possible, of course, but its usually just so much easier to check Flixter or Fandango to get show times and theater locations. And while youre there, you can also watch trailers and read reviews by both critics and viewers.Jason Nguyen8

Movies: Fandango is a must have for movie goers 8

Use Disposable CamerasDisposable cameras used to be a hassle-free way to take snapshots, but now that so many mobile phones feature cameras that can take high-quality photographs and videos, weve pretty much trashed disposable cameras.Jason Nguyen9

Disposable cameras: Trash those disposable cameras!9

Place a classified adThe newspaper classifieds used to be the place to go to find a job, rent an apartment or sell your car. Not anymore. The classified ads, like so many other things, have gone online. Sites such as Craigslist have turned the Internet into a global swap meet.Jason Nguyen10

Classifieds: Craigslist, is in my top 3 web pages10

Printing photos and placing them in photo albumsFamily and vacation photos may never go out of style, but how we organize and display them has changed dramatically in recent years. Most of our photos are digital, not on film. And although we may still print a few photos for framing, our albums are more likely to be online or in the cloud.Jason Nguyen11

Photo Albums: Most photo albums are keep online11

Watch television programs when they are broadcast A host of new media and entertainment technologies have ended the necessity to follow television scheduling. We can now record our favorite television programs and view them at a more convenient time or watch them on demand on our home TVs, personal computers, tablets or even our phones.Jason Nguyen12

Television programming: Netflix, TIVO, and other online streaming services is where I watch most of my programming12

Pay bills in person or by mailNot so long ago, paying your bills meant showing up with your checkbook in hand or mailing checks to your creditors, but electric funds transfer now makes it possible to pay bills online, and buy and sell stuff online without sending money or checks through the mail.Jason Nguyen13

Bills: Most bills are paid online13

Listening to portable cassette or CD playersRather than haul around a few tapes or CDs and a clunky machine, we can store thousands of songs in smartphones or MP3 players, or tune into Internet services such as Pandora or Spotify for even more musical choices.Jason Nguyen14

Music: I use my phone for music more than any other device14

In closing Technology has changed our lives for the better in many ways

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