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  • 1. James Funderburk

2. EducationThen Books Pens/pencilsNow Laptops Keyboards 3. Going from paper to plastic 2008 online banking emerged Pay bills Manage AccountsBanking 4. ShoppingLog on toYour PCSearch yourfavoritestoreShop ShopShop 5. Travel 6. Security 7. News Bystanders are able tocapture news right onthe scene View news on CNETnews Whats trending is thenew way to say whatsthe latest in the news 8. Take a look at what surgical hands doMedical Community 9. The Drive-ins the first way to view movies on a bigscreen Latest Technology in Movie theatresMovies 10. The first Television 1884 Paul Nipkow In 1923, Westinghouse Electric Corporation Developed an electronic camera tube. In 1925 the image was dim, had low contrast and poordefinition, and was stationary.Televisions 11. The first computer was called Z1 The newest computer releasedComputers 12. Communicating via house phone is almost obsoletethese days. Using wireless communication devices are the wayto go these days. Cell phone Tablets Cordless phones Laptop desktopCommunication 13. What comes equipped with cars now GPS OnStar response system Satellite radios MP3 plugins and docking stations Then Standard radio Upgraded to tape decks Then CD players/DVDAutomobiles 14. Office DutiesDocuments Handling importantdocuments in the officeconsisted of Brown envelopes Mailing system Now important documentscan be scanned and fax File sharing Internet transmissions DatabasesMeetings Video conferencing hastaken the place of boardmeetings. 15. REFERENCES