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Defacto Biweekly Issue 85

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Defacto biweekly is student run newspaper at America University in Bulgaria

Text of Defacto Biweekly Issue 85

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    Participants and organizers of the sixth BLIMUN Conference

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  • President Easton: Life after RetirementStory by Heidi Pullyard, [email protected], photos by Stanislav Hristov, Igor Myakotin, courtesy of AUBG Today

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    Issue 85/February 14, 2014


    President of AUBG Michael Easton with the President of Republic of Bulgaria Rosen Plevneliev

    Weve tried to re-store or create a sense of community on the campus and improve communi-cation between all areas of the campus.

    Michael Easton

  • Profile

    Team 1 Team 2 ScoreBARnaSELONA Via 3:5

    LOS MUCHACHOS 0 zatep 2:1Tirona VK Combine a 4:0

    United FC Black Jaguars 1:4Zookeepers Anakonda 2:1

    Sparta Bellators 1:1Wicked Sick Black Eagles 3:1

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