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Dec 14 - Dec 28, 2011



Breakfast lasts just 3 minutes and 15 secondsSOURCE: NEWSLITE.TV

The typical British breakfast lasts just 3 minutes and 15 seconds during the week, a study has revealed. Researchers found that almost half those questioned admitted that just about manage to squeeze in the first meal of the day before they leave the house for the office. It also emerged nearly half of us have our breakfast on our feet, usually while were getting ready for work or distracted by emails, Facebook and even the morning television. Only two thirds of people find the time to sit and eat breakfast on a week day morning with a third admitting that they prefer to lie-in instead. And it appears the kitchen is no longer the room of choice when it comes to eating breakfast, with nearly two-thirds eating in their bedroom or another room in the house. One in 20 even admit that theyve resorted to eating breakfast in the bathroom to save time in the morning. More than a third eat breakfast on the go with Brits admitting to cramming in breakfast while on the bus, the train, in bed. One in five of us have grabbed something as we ran out the door and eaten it while we walked down the street and a similar amount only eat half of their breakfast before having to leave the house. A spokesperson for Weetabix, which commissioned the poll, said: Its a fact that people who miss breakfast dont make up nutritionally later in the day. Were all getting busier which means making the time to eat a healthy breakfast which will help to get us through the day is more important than ever .

BuGils bi WeeklyLif Life in Jakarta, It's getting better all the time Jak bettIssue #47 December 14, 2011Publisher BuGils Group E-mail: Editorial Coordinator Sylvia Kartowidjojo Contributors Bartele Santema, Lens Ter Wee, Jasper Bouman, Edo Frese, Harry McMechen, Ray Attree, Mitch Brindley Graphic Design Harry Firmansyah Web Consultant Wirawan Herdyanto Printing NewspaperDirect

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2 BuGils Bi-Weekly - Issue #47 - December 14, 2011

Top 10 gadgets which confuse men and womenSOURCE: NEWSLITE.TV


Men are baffled by washing machines while women cant get their heads around iPhones, research has discovered. A study of 2,000 adults found while most blokes can comfortably drive a string of household electrical gadgets a few of them regularly prove to be a step too far. A quarter of men admitted they had no idea how to use their washing machine and a similar amount were clueless when it came to using the grill or oven. Women on the other hand were more likely to struggle with turning off their kids games console and getting their smartphone or mp3 player to work. So while men struggle to get to grips with household gadgets while women are more baffled by high-tech toys like a laptop, printer or Sky+. TOP 10 GADGETS MEN STRUGGLE WITH 1. Oven 2. Grill 3. Tumble dryer 4. Washing machine 5. Dishwasher 6. Microwave 7. Hob 8. Iron 9. Food mixer 10. Hoover TOP 10 GADGETS WOMEN STRUGGLE WITH 1. Laptop 2. PC 3. iPhone 4. Blackberry 5. iPad 6. Mobile Phone 7. MP3 8. Sat Nav 9. Games Console 10. Digital Camera

A spokesperson for Amica Kitchen Appliances, which commissioned the poll of 2,00 people, said: Women have no problem navigating their way around appliances in the kitchen but men seem to be far more interested in hand held gadgetry and as a result master new technology with excitement and ease. It also emerged that men are normally too proud to ask their partner for help and instead are more prone to hit something or break something. Women on the other hand are happier to leave it to their partner to master the more complicated household gadgets or just give up entirely.

Fears of killer bananas prompt sales plummetSOURCE: NEWSLITE.TV

An email hoax about flesh-eating bananas being on sale in Mozambique has apparently caused scared shoppers to stay away from the fruit. The decline in sales is said to have been so serious a health minister reassured members of the public they would not be killed by rogue bananas. Emails had been circulating stating that bananas on sale were infected by necrotising fasciitis, a skin-eating disease which can destroy skin, fat and tissue covering the muscles. The faux warning went on to say bananas from KwaZulu-Natal province in neighbouring South Africa were the most likely to carry the virus. And despite the fact Mozambique does not import bananas from South Africa, sales plummeted. 3 BuGils Bi-Weekly - Issue #47 - December 14, 2011


Man survives days in snow thanks to frozen beerAn Alaskan man who crashed his truck and got stuck in a snowdrift survived his three day ordeal thanks to frozen cans of beer. Clifton Vial had been driving in the remote area outside of the town of Nome when he crashed and his car became stuck. With temperatures dropping as low as -28C he used a sleeping bag to keep warm and occasionally started the engine of his truck to turn on the heater. But with no food in his vehicle, it wasnt looking good for Vial -until he realised he had a few cans of Coors Light with him. He used a knife to cut off the lids and then proceeded to eat the frozen brew, which it says is best served chilled. Luckily Vial was saved when his boss realised he hadnt turned up for work and sent a search party.

Santa poses with AK-47s for gun club photosSOURCE: NEWSLITE.TV

Everyone is familiar with the idea of having you photo taken with Santa -but Santa and highpowered weaponry, thats a new one on us. A gun club in Arizona is offering members to opportunity to have family photograph taken with Father Christmas and a selection of guns. Posing amid piles of wrapped presents families are encouraged to pick up AK-47 rifles and grenade launchers as they surround an unarmed Santa. A spokesperson for Scottsdale Gun Club -- which charges $5 for the images -- said hundreds of people have wanted to star in the unusual images. He added that the guns are not loaded and have had their firing

Marmite spill causes sticky situation on M1SOURCE: NEWSLITE.TV

A major clean-up operation had to be launched on the M1 near Sheffield -- when a tanker carrying more than 20 tonnes of Marmite overturned. The accident happened overnight between junction 32 and 33 and the yeasty spill caused delays for rush-hour commuters. And while we feel sorry for anyone stuck in the traffic backlog, were more interested in the puns and jokes the accident prompted on Twitter. Our favourites include: Did it affect the yeastbound carriageway? by @suthers, My mums driving down the M1 to see me. Im worried marmite be late by @malcolmcoles and Getting a bit bored of all the #Marmite jokes now across the media. At yeast the M1 is open again... by @garethherincx A spokeswoman for South Yorkshire police said: We were called at 10.15pm to reports of a tanker, which was carrying 23.5 tonnes of waste yeast, overturning. Some of the contents were spilled on the northbound carriageway and we are in the process of emptying the remaining contents of the tanker and clearing up the spillage before it can be moved and the road reopened.

4 BuGils Bi-Weekly - Issue #47 - December 14, 2011

CazbarThank you to all the teams that joined the last Cazbar quiz of the year! The theme was all related to Christmas, and the Unclogged were the overall winners. The next Cazbar Quiz will be on Thursday, January 26th, 2012 at 8.30pm so to you all, whether quiz participant, member of the pool team, customer or artist, we at Cazbar wish you all a very merry Christmas and all the very best for the year 2012. Thanks to you all for your support over the year 2011 and look forward to seeing you all in 2012.

Ray AttreeFantasy Football Top Ten

If you visit the Thai Embassy next door to Cazbar and you come in to see us on the same day and produce proof of your visit, we will give you a shot of Thai Whiskey absolutely free of charge!

5 BuGils Bi-Weekly - Issue #47 - December 14, 2011

CazbarA Spirited Monday


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