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Bison BiWeekly #3

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The Bald Day!

Text of Bison BiWeekly #3

  • Vol. 3 Feb 21, 2014

  • Table of content

    (Bald Day) p. 1

    (Job Fair) p. 3

    (ODES event) p. 4

    (Newseum trip) p. 5

    (Snow Day) p. 7

  • Ooh my God!! Im losing hair!Ooh Yeaaaah!! Totally ready to get baaaald!!

  • Do what you love to do!

    Helping out for getting job

    Ready for presentation?


  • Stupid Machine!

    Newseum tour

  • SSNOW DAY2014!!

  • Editor: Bridget GlynnLayout: Jason ScherrenbergCaption: Jason ScherrenbergPhotographers: Shawn Moser, Lindsay Stergio, Bridget Glynn, , John Mason, Jennifer Chibueze

    Prof. Johnston Grindstaff