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Spring Semester 2014 begins! Jan 31, 2014 Vol: 1

Bison BiWeekly #1

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Spring Semester 2014 Begins!

Text of Bison BiWeekly #1

  • SpringSemester2014 begins!

    Jan 31, 2014 Vol: 1

  • Table of content

    State University of address p. 1

    KSL & Interpreting in South Korea p. 3

    Blood drive p. 4

    Basketball p. 5

    Snow! p. 7

  • Kristy introduced Morris Dees

    Morris Dees and his interpreter

  • Even out or build, I am not sure

  • Presenting KSL & Interpreting in South Korea

    Discuss experience from South Korea

  • Survived blood drive!

    Feeling sour giving blood!

    Pain & sweat giving blood!

  • Lets gather for a new plot!!


  • Two points win!!

  • Nice sunset!!

  • Its snowing!!!

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