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bahan/ materi dalam workshop metode penelitian kualitatif STIENU Jepara 19-20 Februari 2013

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International Conference on Business, Economics, Management and Behavioral Sciences (ICBEMBS'2012) Jan. 7-8, 2012 DubaiIdentifyingdecison modelprocess that involve many factors.ago, Bruce thisresearch, able to 55% factors that affectedlnovie attendance decision i.e: word of mouthtelevision genre,movie star. Until now, others factors stillSome studies also show the result as moviereviews [18] and seasonality factor andAll the research described earlier are choose aquantitative design. Early study by Austin (1981) wasdeveloped based on a literature review. Then theresearchers conducted a Quan1tltaltlv'e rl13C''''r11''ltn,J'13to determine the percentage of the factors influencing thedecision to see the didn'tmethods. factors not taken intoas well. In addition, Austin also putsdecisions about the movie choice asdecision. Since film is an different mechanismSuch studies are consumers asauthor will follow Keywords- Cinema Consumer, Cinema Audience, ConsumerDecision Making.IntJ,ueIlcU1lg the selection decisionon research using focusthat at least 5 main factors, consistconsumer behavior when choosing movie infactors are: communication (advertisIng, n",,,,I1""1Ml'\neutral information source (film review, word mouth);characteristic (genre, director, remake production, country oforigin, actor, adaptation works, production,ouse, title); content(story, objectionable content, technology); ease (screeningschedule, title).I. INTRODUCTIONRESEARCH on product purchasing decisions hedonic. or experience received attention since three decadesagopUJrChaSe of the rational research in this area hasnot been developed. This approach still lacks a solidfoundation for the is still difficult todefine [18], and models of consumerDr()(1ulcts have not been enough One Theretraditions on cinema audience research. The first aPI)ro:achis econometric modeL Thebetlavional or alDDt'OaICh.researchers547Contoh Deskriptif KualitatifBahan Workshop Metodologi Penelitian Kualitatif, STIENU Jepara 19-20 Februari 2013International Conference on Business, Economics, Management and Behavioral Sciences (ICBEMBS'2012) Jan. 7-8, 2012 Dubaithe selection decision", "'.. "'