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Bison BiWeekly #5

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Spring Break Edition

Text of Bison BiWeekly #5

  • Spring Break Edition

    Vol. 5 March 28th, 2014

  • Contents

    p. 2-3 : Introduction to Spring Break Edition

    p. 4-5 : HOME SWEET HOME & Stuck on Campus

    p. 6-7 : Vacation Destinations

    p. 8-9 : Vacation Destinations Continued

    p. 10 : Credits


  • 3


    Poconos, Pennsylvania

    Hanging out at Great Wolf Lodge


  • 5Enjoying a ball game!

    Enjoying a snow day in spring!

  • 6 Atlantic City, NJ!

    Another stop on the cruise Getting crazy in Panama City, Fl.

    Beachfront view in Mexico.

    Perfect shot of seagull flying.

  • 7Snorkeling!

    Partying it up!

    Beware of the skull!

    Palm trees!

  • 8 Selfie on the beach!Bringing Gally with us on vacation.

    Hotels in Atlantic City, Nj.

    Beach in Panama City, Fl.

  • 9Yup, theres snow on the beach..

    All prepared to become a lobster!

    Filling up the hot tub!

    A nice beachfront hotel.

    Its definitely springtime in Fort Lauderdale, Fl.

  • ART 363 Photojournalism Lindsay Stergio Ashlyn Witczak

    Alina Rosas Jason Scherrenberg

    Bridget GlynnJohn Mason

    Caitlin PanningCody Pedersen

    Jennifer ChibuezeProfessor Johnston Grindstaff