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Bison BiWeekly #2

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The Marches of 2014 Begins!

Text of Bison BiWeekly #2

  • The Marches of 2014 Begins!

    February 14, 2014

    Vol: 2

  • Table of content

    Page 4 Fraternity march

    Page 5 Sorority march

    Page 6 Art Exhibitions

    Page 8 Panel Discussion

    Page 9 Posters

    Page 10 Gallaudet Instagram

  • The chosen ones.

    Blue band of brothers!

  • Proud new members of Delta Epsilon

    Marching through the campus

  • Mirror, Televison on the wall,Whos is the fairiest of all?

    Art Exhibitions at Washburn Art Building

  • This is how I make my dough. Keep cranking for $8.75/hr.

    Art Exhibitions at Washburn Art Building

  • A great panel discussion about Deaf Gain byDr. Benjamin Bahan, Dr. Dirksen Bauman, Dr

    Beth S. Benedict, & Dr. Catherine OBrien

  • Posters! Posters!Time to decorate the dorm room!

  • Gallaudet Instagram

  • Gallaudet Instagram

  • Editor: Caitlin PanningLayout: John Mason

    Caption: John MasonPhotographers: Shawn Moser, Lindsay

    Stergio, Alan Gilpatric, Alina Rosas, Bridget Glynn, Jean Pierre Kanashiro,

    John Mason, Caitlin Panning, Cody Pedersen, Jennifer Chibueze, Jason

    Scherrenberg, Ashlyn Witczak

    Prof. Johnston Grindstaff