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  • Innovation sub-team

    AIESEC International Q4 2014 Report

    PROJECT/SUBTEAM BOTTOMLINE Programs evolution in 6-24 months, long-term organizational development

    PEOPLE INVOLVED Emre Ergin. AI VP GIP Product Innovation. Projects: OP for companies, GIP innovation for dierent segments, GIS core team Omar Younes. AI VP GCDP Product Innovation. Projects: GCDP Global Project, GSL, GIS core team Dasha Aksenova. AI VP Innovation. Projects: LDM, 2020, Bottom Up GIP Innovation

  • efforts

    AIESEC International Q4 2014 Report

    GENERAL COMMENT Generally, weekly priorities are achieved for: 80% Dasha 75% Emre 75% Younes Challenges in measuring and setting weekly priorities in a right way (workload-wise) due to the nature of the activities, not in overall plan. Unexpected workload (GIS, GIP Bottom-Up)

    INDIVIDUAL EFFORTS Dasha. LDM (40%), Team Leader Responsibilities(20%), Bottom-Up Innovation (15%), Mid-Term Ambition (25%) Emre. GIS Core Team (10%), Company OP (80%), GIP for Other Segments(10%) Younes. GIS Core Team (50%), Social Impact Evolution (30%), LEAD Conference (10%), OGX Delivery Model (5%), Mobile Application (3%), GSL Reporting (2%)

  • GCDP evolution

  • Social Impact Evolution

    AIESEC International Q4 2014 Report

    PROJECT BOTTOMLINE Having a bigger and more tangible contribution towards community development, by being more Focused in our direct impact on society and more Collaborative, creating a more powerful direct impact that can be showcased, stronger alliances and less HR invested in IGCDP project management Understanding

    what we do

    Global and Regional



    Brand and Promo9on Funding

    EP Experience

  • Social Impact Evolution

    AIESEC International Q4 2014 Report


    Issues Structure Redefinition (achieved)

    Projects integration and measurement

    (achieved 70%)

    Youth Speak inputs reviewed. Other sources such as Myworld survey and UN SDGs also considered

    Steering Team inputs gathered

    Measurement requirement and format defined.

    TN form and reporting flow change to integrate all TNs. Not finalized

    External Research (achieved)

    Internal Research (achieved)

    Inputs collected; 12 Foundations/Organisations 4 MNCs 2 Alumni

    Programs indepth analysis Definition of program

    bottlenecks addressed Definition of program issues

  • OGX Delivery Model

    AIESEC International Q4 2014 Report

    PROJECT BOTTOMLINE Evolving customer flow to allow for a more ecient process, reducing the number of man hours required from LC members to deliver the process and allowing the EP to go through it faster.

    Comments Lean methodology applied to the customer

    flow to remove waste activities in process. Process Modification Process Change Automation & Technology

    implementation Boundaries to process

    Key value proposition Legalities Process control

    Detailed Research (achieved 70%)

    Mapping out of activities through customer flow with man hours invested

    Analysis of customer behaviors across dierent stages of the process

    Conceptualization (