Trish's 40th Birthday - Life In Pictures

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  • 1. Trishaun Nicole Funches 40 thBirthday Celebration April 3, 2009 A few photos of my life

2. 1969 - - - - - - - - - $3,270.00 Avg. Cost of a new car Richard J. Daley Chicago Mayor $1.10 Cost of a gallon of Milk $0.62 Cost of a dozen eggs $0.35 Cost of a gallon of regular gas $0.06 Cost of a first-class stamp $8,389.00 Median Household Income $15,550.00 Avg. Cost of a new home Richard Nixon US President 3. 1969 Momma & Daddy at the baby shower kickin it off right.. And then 4. Thursday, April 3, 1969 Zulane & Judge Funches become proud parents! That's me chillin at3 days old 5. Aunt Dorothy (holding me), June, Debbie & Bruce 6. August 1971 My polka dotjumpsuit is COLD! 7. December 1971 Me & my big sister Debbie 8. Me, Momma & Debbie in front of our house inEden Green.(have no clue who the girl is in the back ground)Dont you love our shades & striped pants! 9. Daddys Little Girl I wish my Daddy was here 10. Aunt Marion, Bruce, Aunt Dorothy, Kendell, June & Me in our Sundays best 11. Me with my Uncle Lavon, Arron, Tanya, Lisa, Aunt Estelle and..I cant tell. And by the way Momma.. I look a hot mess! 12. Yeah its me.. Same girl, different looks 13. I asked Santa for that fur jacket in the background. Can you believe I didnt get it! 14. Kindergarten graduation picture Momma forgot it was picture day at school.I cried because I was the only one not dressed up! My suit was custom made. cant you tell.I loved this ugly velvet & ruffle outfit. 15. Uncle Claude, Doreen, Me & Uncle Howard Shakin our groove thang! 16. 8 thGrade Graduation 17. Me with my Mommie & Big Sissy 1983vs. 2003. 18. Freshman year in the lunch room Senior Year in my English class Percy L. Julian High School Home of the Jaguars Class of 1987 19. Percy L. Julian Senior Prom 1987 The Limo was late andwhat was up with that bow on my dress 20. Me, Kendell & my Sissy Bridgett at the store.. LeFunch for Men 21. Me, Daddy & Bridgett May 1990 22. Strike A Pose 23. Undergrad Graduation 24. Grad School Graduation 25. Me & my cousin LaKesha Me with my Aunties Marion & Dorothy 26. Phone Pimp suppose to be processing payments My Call Center Homies Yogi & Maurice EAAMA Event Greg, Me, Leroy, Renell, Eddie & Cheryll Me & Kea who wouda thought..15 years 1994 1998 2004 2006 27. Exelons (ComEd) AnnualGala Stephanie, Me, Simone, Kea, Kathy, Lecia& Mr. Nate Sligh in the background Me & Kimberly Me & Kimberly Me & Leroy 28. Me & the ComEd Crew at Tim Houstons Black & White Birthday Party 29. Best Friends for 30 years ! 30. Me & Kim I was 7 months pregnant with my wonderful son 31. NINE MONTHS pregnant .and not wanting to take this picture 32. Me&my baby boy 33. Thornridge Graduation NIU Graduation Me & Kim with Angel 34. Kim, Crystal, Anthony, Brandi, Angel & Me at the Estate I sure do miss Brandi.and the Estate 35. Me & Brandi at her graduation from Thornridge High School. 36. Me & Bridgetts ex Boo Eric.I guess Bridgett was taking the pictures 37. Auntie (me) with Angel & her girls 38. Mike, Brenda, Bobby, Bridgett, Me, Aunt Estelle, Rosa & Aunt Rosa Toya, Me &Shawnique(holding Judge) Family Reunion in North Carolina 39. DeKalbs Annual Corn Fest The best corn ever! Me, Angel, Aesha, Bridgett, Kuinton & Kim 40. Me and my little brother (Kim shares him with me) & PastorNew Start is my second job :0) 41. Sisters Cruising to Mexico Me & my Sissy Bridgett and Momma & her Sissy Estelle Remember Laura Biagiotti sunglasses?....I was rockin em! 42. Me & Shawn Vacationing in the Bahamas 43. Che-Che,Me, Momma Toni, Kim & Denard vacationing in the U.S. Virgin Islands 44. Kim, Angel, Missy & Me in Jamica 45. Christmas Cruise to the Bahamas 2003 46. Funches Family (Mable & Walters offspring) December 2007 47. Thompson Family (Nora & Amos offspring) July 2008 48. Thank you God for a wonderful life!!!