Happy 40th Birthday eCards

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How to make a funny 40th birthday ecard with your voice and a picture on it. You can also add a personal message with it. Check it out.

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  • 1. Happy Birthday eCards, with yourown voice! How to make a funny Over The Hill Birthday eCard forsomeone 40th birthday.Visit http://www.599ebooks.com/birthday-ecard/ It will take you to the home page. Once there, you should click on the link for First Time Users. You will need a microphone to record your voice!

2. Be sure to read the information on this page to see the details on what you will need in order to make your first Birthday eCard using your voice and picture. 3. This is very important! Click on the Microphone Setup Instructions and How to use the MP3 Recorder. You may want to print these instructions for your first time using this free service. After you have read the First Time Users information, click on the link to register . After you register your username and password, be sure to save this information in a safe place. Go to the home page to login. 4. Once you login, you will be taken to the page to create your Birthday eCard. 5. If you click on the Current Templates of eCards, you will see the selection of eCards available. To create the Over The Hill Birthday eCard, Select Template Number 4. You should see an icon that looks like the picture above. 6. Click the Submit button. This will take you to the page where you can add your voice, a picture of the person you will send the eCard too and a personal message to that person. If you dont know how to resize your picture, be sure to click on the link provided for instructions on how to resize your picture. Note: Your picture must me in a jpg format or it will not work! 7. These instructions will explain to you how to resize a picture for the Birthday eCard. If you have a large size picture, which is mostly from a digital camera, you can use the percentage setting. Ex. Reduce by 50%, 60%, etc.Or You can use the actual pixel setting as illustrated in the instructions. You will have the opportunity to see the picture before uploading it. Once you resize your picture, you will be prompted to save it. Remember, it must be in the jpg format. Be sure to save it in a location that you will remember. 8. Note: Dont worry about the name assigned to your picture; it will be rename once you upload it.CLOSE THE WINDOW Type in the Full Name of the person you will be sending the Birthday eCard too. Click on the Browse button and locate the picture you just resized. 9. In the note area, type a message that you would like to be included with your Birthday eCard. Now, you could do this part first, but I wanted to explain to you some more details about it. How to record and 10. upload your mp3 audio that will be on your Birthday eCard. When you clicked on the link for the First Time Users, this explained the details about how to connect your microphone and how to record your voice. Please refer to that page for recording your voice. Where it states: To record and upload your mp3, click here. Click it! It will open a small window for the MP3 recorder. Speak in a clear voice while recording your audio for the Birthday eCard. Note: You can record for up to 20- seconds. Please watch the timer on the recorder. 11. Once you have recorded your voice, you can click the send button, which will add it to the Birthday eCard. Also, you can listen to it to see do you like it. If not, record your voice again. Once you are satisfied with the recording, close that window and click the Create button at the bottom. This will take you to the page to view your Birthday eCard you just created. 12. Once you have created the Birthday eCard, click on the link to see the eCard. It will open in a new window. Once you are satisfied with your Birthday eCard, you can click on the Facebook link to post it on your Facebook wall. Also, there is a link for you to email the Birthday eCard to the person you created it for plus other people in your email list. What to see how it looks? 13. Go ahead and visit: http://www.599ebooks.com/birthday-ecard/index.php and create your Birthday eCard. We have many other templates to choose from. We will be adding more of them regularly. Be sure to tell a friend about our free service: Happy Birthday eCards, with your own voice!