Happy 40th Birthday, Jason!

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Text of Happy 40th Birthday, Jason!

  • 1. Mac Daddy is the Big 4-Oh!

2. MichaelJason McElroy
July 19th, 1971
3. 4. Brothers
5. Jay(middle) with Matt, Meg & Cousins!
6. Birthday with Brother.
(Jay is the blonde one)
7. Brother Buddies !
8. 9. The McElroy Clan
10. Grimm Cousins (his moms side)
11. High School
Cutest Couple
12.More High
School Days
13. DHS 1989 Homecoming Court
14. 15. Watching him run, gave me chills!
1600 meter
Team Relay
Mile Relay Team
DHS Unbeaten Record Holders!
16. Us ~ Ages 16 and 18
17. Track & Field
18. ~ Crossing the finish line ~ 1988 MSAA League Champ, 800m Run
19. DHS vs Kimball ~ Silverdome
Air Mac!
20. Grandpa Grimm made sure to make those Northwood University football games to watch his grandson play
21. Indoor Track & Field National Championships inBritish ColumbiaOh yeah he ranked.Stud
Jay rockin the ponytail !
22. College RoomiesFreshman yearJay, Borski & Buck
23. Northwood Graduation
24. Jakubiec Wedding
Lukas Wedding
25. AyresWedding
Walt is one of his
favorite buddies!
26. Engagement Photo
27. 1 Year WeddingAnniversary1996
28. New Years Eve. Morans in the WTC ~ 1998
29. Friends for Life!
30. Always smilingalways the life of the party!
Spy Bar in Cleveland
31. AlwaysCrazy!Alwaysfull ofmischief
32. Always clowning!
33. Hes a wild & crazy guy!
Fun in Philly
34. Fun in an elevator.Mature?Not at all.
Living on the East CoastLots of fun nights out before kids came along!
35. I lost a betHad to put on lipstick with mans gloves. He thought that was pretty funny.
Our mid-twenties
36. New York99
Coleman Wedding
37. Tiger Game
Pawlik Wedding
So much fun when we lived in NY it shouldve been illegal!Actually, I know some of it was
38. Great American Beer Fest Denver, CO
39. New Years EveCleveland2000
Rumors days in the 90s
40. New Orleans Jazz Fest ~ 1999One of many fun times together !
41. Then A Life-Changing Curveball
A rare brain tumor and neurosurgery
and 9/11
suddenly time for changes
42. New Priorities ~a Move Back to MI and a Family
even a dog.
43. With Greer(aka Destructo)
44. WithQuinn*(aka Bulldozer)
45. (Noshe is not flipping the bird purposely)
46. Oh, how he
adores his girls!
47. His Family
He Loves His Family
48. He honors, adores, admires, respects and reveres his parents
49. With His Brother and Sister
50. McElroys and Beloved Grants
51. Us Through
the Years
52. 17 & 18Years Old
High School Graduation
53. 54. My APO Ceremony at EMU
Prom 1989
55. Our 10 Year
High School Reunion
Our days in NYC
56. Weve shared almost three quarters of our lives together
57. Youve
surprised me
Had lots of fun with me
58. Youve teased me!
And youve
loved me.
59. Jay Mac, You are One Handsome Devil !
60. Jason ~ Your strength of character and integrity are admirable.You are a role model in its truest definition.You are, and yet, are not the same person Ive always known. Hard to believe possible but you are a better version of yourself and you improve everyday.
I dont know why but God has deemed me worthy of this amazing blessing of having had you in my life for the last 25 years.We have weathered some lows but have enjoyed countless and invaluable highs together.Oh, the memories what a ride it has been!You have been an honest, loyal and devoted husband, father, son, brother, colleague and friend to people.You have exhibited unconditional love to me.
Jason, you simply humble me and I try to emulate your strengths, though I cant hold a candle to that which comes so easily to you. I love, respect and honor you.Thank you, my Jason, for the years together thus far.
I thank God for you daily.
Happy40thBirthdayMichaelJasonMcElroy !
I just know it in my heart of hearts, that the best is yet to come for you!
61. 40Never Looked so Good !
Heaven Knows you are the Tall Cool One