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  • Nearly 200 guests gathered at TLC for the Blind on Saturday, June 6, 2015 to celebrate forty years of dedicated service to the people of TLC. When TLC was founded, individuals with developmental disability and blindness were first and foremost in the minds and hearts of Seymour and Bernice

    (“Bunny”) Pearlman, who led a group of courageous parents to establish the organization. Back in 1975, no services existed for people with these dual challenges- since then, so much has changed!

    The mood was festive as TLC staff members and volunteer leaders hosted the Open House which stretched along the entire block of Lindley. Guests toured programs old and new, classrooms, residences, and a few surprises that people did not know were there! A hardworking crew of party planners shared TLC’s new “20-foot tactile timeline wall,” which highlights the milestones of impressive growth over the decades. Mid-Valley Lions volunteer Owen Kato affirmed, “Our club has been proud to be part of TLC’s evolution into a full service agency for ALL ages.”

    Cyndi McAuley, executive director, remarked that, “We owe a debt of gratitude to committee members Darrell and Betty Peltier, Elizabeth and David Criss, Cathy and Stephanie Blin, Joan Schulman and Malerie Halperin for their efforts in making this party a huge success.”

    Darrell and Betty, along with their son, Larry, shared their memories of TLC’s early days as well as news clippings, photos and artifacts to display in a his- torical exhibit. Their son and brother, Tim, is one of the original residents. Tim and 19 others were honored with a plaque recognizing their pioneering status with TLC. Forty years ago, the Peltiers took more than a passing interest in being sure that TLC would succeed. In those days, everything was a struggle; TLC needed the basics for survival. Darrell utilized his talents by building strong bed frames for residents; Betty served on the Foresights committee, TLC’s first support group, and both of them still provide assistance on the Human Rights Committee.


    Seymour and Bernice Pearlman


    Cyndi McAuley


    Joel Ravitz, President Zane Alsabery Larry Barzman Murray Heltzer

    Hal Lampert April Meadow Nick Nagatani

    Chris Rohan, D.C. Joan Schulman

    Bill Takeshita, FAAO, FCOVD Jane Vogel

    Ronnie Willett Maurice Zagha, MD

    Andrea Zeller


    Andrea Zeller, President Hal Lampert

    Joan Schulman


    7915 Lindley Avenue Reseda, CA 91335

    (818) 708 -1740 www.tlc4blind.org

    40th Anniversary Birthday Bash!

    TLC believes in the value of each individual and

    promotes the philosophy that each participant

    can be assisted to achieve his or her full potential

    We are gaining momentum in Early Interven-

    tion Program (EIP) services with the addition

    of center-based services to families of infants

    and toddlers. Back in 2008, our EIP services

    were delivered only in the home; therapists

    and specialists regularly made trips to visit the family homes of each of the young

    clients on their caseload. We are now able to provide multiple therapies in an

    atmosphere that allows for more social interaction among toddlers as well as

    parent-to-parent guidance and emotional support. Little ones benefit from speech,

    language, vision, physical, and occupational therapies as well as orientation and

    mobility training right here on TLC’s campus. Eight children (ages 18 months to

    3 years) along with their parents (and sometimes grandparents) meet weekly in

    Room 3, with services funded by regional center as well as some private funding.

    To learn more, contact Marielena Rivas at 818-708-4948.

    A California not-for-profit corporation established for the

    primary purpose of providing for the lifetime needs of people challenged

    by developmental disabilities and blindness.

    7915 Lindley Avenue | Reseda, CA 91335

    (818) 708-1740 | info@tlc4blind.org



    Early Learning

    is Here!



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    Summer 2015

  • 1975 1976 1977 1978 19791980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

    One of the best things that occurs in conjunction with celebrating an anniversary is the chance to reflect on the past and dream about the future. TLC has been experiencing just that as we begin our fifth decade. We are reminded that the vision of eight families created the path that we travel today.

    Many of our original families as well as those who joined TLC in later years have shared their stories and photographs. If you were able to attend our 40th Anniversary Party on June 6th, you saw TLC’s timeline on the Keck Center wall, adorned with news clippings and letters that document the challenges that have been issued and met over the years.

    Our founding families told us their personal stories about the early days in Pasadena, the desire to serve more families, and the move to our permanent home in Reseda. Working together, TLC and our families have met each of these challenges with the belief that we have to succeed, that there are families “out there” who haven’t had the chance to benefit from TLC’s programs and services.

    We celebrate our triumphs and recognize that they have created the foundation to reach further, to embrace the challenges from whatever direction they may come. Going forward, we ask you to consider:

    joining us as we continue to advocate for our families;

    participating in the education of our legislators so that they understand that we are a vital part of the community, and an investment in our services is both cost-effective and an investment in independence and respect; and

    assisting us in our efforts to reach out to families who may not know about TLC by sharing your stories and experiences.

    Our fortieth year is a reminder of how important it is to continue our legacy; to not only meet the needs, but enhance the quality of life for all of our program participants. We will continue to support and expand this community for the benefit of those we serve today and in the future.

    And finally, a sincere thank you to all of you who supported our “Forty for Forty” campaign. We exceeded our goal of $40,000 because of your continued belief in the efforts we make to support and enhance the lives of the individuals we serve.

    From the Director

    Many of the residents served in 1975 are still

    with us today, proof that TLC is fulfilling its mission

    to provide lifetime care.

    Their lives are full, their joys are evident and decades of loving care by direct staff, families and community leaders have guided TLC towards being, “40 and Fabulous!”

    Then & Now


    Bash! Continued from cover

    Tim’s brother, Larry, stated, “I’d like to get more involved in TLC’s future, and be helpful wherever I can be of assistance. Mom and Dad certainly helped build a wonderful program- now, it is up to the next generation to step up.” All the Peltiers have provided ongoing inspiration, enthusiasm, support, and devotion to helping make TLC the outstanding organization it is today.

    Event visitors enjoyed stopping into Pearlman House on the tour. The residents shared some of the things they do as a group- such as bingo, bowling and karaoke singing together. The Carr Aquatic Center was open to swimmers of all ages- families and little ones from Early Intervention programs as well as numerous residents from our houses used the pool and shared with guests the benefits of aquatic therapy. Academy of Music for the Blind put on a concert that will be long-remembered for pure talent and wild audience appreciation! Performances by our own choir and Teal Sea band, as well as music by the Mary Janus Trio entertained guests as they strolled the campus, taking in all that TLC has to offer.

    Board members Joan Schulman, April Meadow, Ronnie Willett, and Nick Nagatani demonstrated the Board’s commitment to the organization. April remarked, “Today reminds us of how far we have come,

    “Today reminds us of how far we have come ...”

    Continued ...






    Michael, Santiago and Alex: three of the people who inspire us to act, advocate, and support, now and in the future.”

    Bud Brown and Councilman Bob Blumenfield warmly welcomed by Cyndi

    Javier, Mario, Mary Anne, Charles and Jade lead the tour!

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