Happy 40th birthday mom !!!!!!!

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Text of Happy 40th birthday mom !!!!!!!

  • 1. Happy 40th Birthday Mom !!!!!!!
  • 2. Who is this mom we speak of? Mom is an amazing lady who does everythingshe can to support her family. She is caring, loving, and very supportivenotto mention extremely beautiful.
  • 3. She puts others before her and always doesthe best she can Mom is also a funny ladywhen she dancesafter trying on every outfit.
  • 4. Mom is loved very much by grandmaand we spend a lot of time in Jamaica !
  • 5. Daddy loves her too !
  • 6. Who loves you ?EVERYONE !!!!!!!
  • 7. Remind you of anyone mom ?!?!?!!!HEHE
  • 8. Happy Birthday to the best mom inthe world. We couldnt have askedfor a better mom