Fired up @ 40: celebrating The Clay Studio's 40th Birthday

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Text of Fired up @ 40: celebrating The Clay Studio's 40th Birthday

  • S p o n s o r s h i p O p p o r t u n i t i e s

    f o r

    T h e C l a y S t u d i o s 4 0 t h A n n i v e r s a r y

    a n d

    T h e C l a y m o b i l e s 2 0 t h A n n i v e r s a r y

  • The Clay Studio is a non-profit arts organization with 40 years of service to the community. Originally founded as an artist collective, we have grown to become one of the worlds top ceramic art institutions, and Philadelphias only arts organization dedicated to ceramics.

    We serve the local community through the Claymobile outreach program that brings art education to schoolchildren throughout the Philadelphia region. We also offer classes, lectures, exhibitions and events for audiences of all ages.

    The Clay Studio is also known as an International Resource in the field of craft and ceramics. Our Guest Artist-in-Residence program has brought artists from over 40 countries, and our Resident Artist program provides a career-building opportunity for young talent.

    Our 40th Anniversary is a yearlong celebration that will engage more than 100,000 people and 3,030,725 media impressions.


    As a sponsor of Fired Up @ 40, we invite you to join The Clay Studio in inspiring the community with a yearlong celebration of excellence,

    innovation and community based arts.


  • 2We are proud to serve:

    Philadelphia schoolchildren

    Professional artists

    Cultural tourists

    annual reach through programs annual reach online male female

    30,000 100,000 35% 65%

    Events will range in size from intimate gatherings to large scale festivals.

    Audience Age Breakdown

    Under 18 years old 14%

    18-45 years old 59%

    46-64 years old 19%

    Over 65 years old 8%

    Audience Location Breakdown

    City of Philadelphia 65%

    Suburbs 31%

    National/International 4%

    Target Market

    Post-college young professionals

    Art enthusiasts

    National craft community

    Established collectors

  • 3The Clay Studio is located in the Old City section of Philadelphia.

    We will produce events

    around the city throughout

    the 40th Anniversary year.

    The Clay Studio is located in the Old City section of Philadelphia. Named as one of Americas top Art Places in 2013, it is a hub of cultural activity, historic sites, and 21st Century tech firms.

    The 40th Anniversary activities will be centered in this vibrant community, and will radiate out to other neighborhoods, the region, and a major national conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

    First FridaysThe Art of the Hand Made Pairing SeriesClaymobile Family DayValentines Day WorkshopMothers Day Workshop

    Old City

    Visiting Artist TalksGuerilla Style Mug GiveawayYoung Supporters Events40 Hour Birthday Party

    Center City

    Mud BallA Day with Clay

    University City

    Major Donor Tours


    NCECA Conference Table40th Anniversary ExhibitionExhibition Reception & Collectors Tour

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Clay National ExhibitionInternational Guest ArtistsOnline Exhibitions

    National & International

  • 4Sponsors are recognized in Clay Studio ads, printed materials, wall text, and on our website.

    26%46 - 64

    Anticipated ad schedule

    Media Outlet Exposure Total Impressions

    City Paper 4 ad units 582,584

    Philadelphia Weekly 4 ad units 334,676

    Philadelphia Gay News 4 ad units 80,000

    WHYY 10 spots 92,000

    American Craft Magazine 3 ad units 288,000

    Metro 5 ad units 1,453,465

    Art and Design Blogs 12-24 ad units 200,000


    The Clay Studio Website95,000 unique visitors annually7,200+ Facebook likes

    The Clay Studio Yearbook750 distributed

    Street Banners26,000 vehicles per day7,000 pedestrians per day

    On Site Gallery Wall Text 30,000 visitors annually

    Exhibition Cards10,000 distributed annually

  • 5

  • 6The Clay Studio presents dozens of workshops and special events for families and kids. Sponsorship of these events will highlight your companys interest in homeowners, young families, and our youngest audience members.

    Sponsors who are looking for the greatest flexibility and variety may choose to sponsor a single event or package an entire series.

    Media and In-kind sponsorships are also welcomed.Please contact for more information.

    The Clay Studio has several award-winning programs that can highlight your specific interest. Previous program sponsors have provided Resident Artist Fellowships, classes for kids, or Guest Artist stipends.

    Sponsorship of our exhibitions is the surest way to have visibility on First Fridays, with local media, and aligning with various themes. Exhibitions will last from 4 to 8 weeks. Our events will range in size from intimate gatherings to large-scale public festivals.

    As the sponsor of the full year, you will receive the highest level of exposure on a wide variety of events and activities. Our mix of programming is designed to range from young artists to established collectors throughout Philadelphia and beyond.

    Your cooperation will be recognized through verbal announcement at all events, and on banners, promotional materials, press releases and through our website. This is the best method for inclusion in press coverage for the event.

  • 7Our Exhibitions and Events will provide you with the greatest visibility and benefit for your sponsorship. Fulfillment will include logo placement in publicity, website and social media presence, inclusion in press releases, wall text, VIP access, and verbal recognition at events.

    Please contact for more information.

  • 8Sponsors who wish to focus their investment on families and children will find many opportunities to reach this highly segmented audience. Fulfillment may include product placement, VIP tickets, and company representation at events.

    Please contact for more information.

  • 9Sponsorship of our single-day events is a great way to align your business or introduce your product to our cultural community. Sponsors may also choose to support an event series to have repeated contact with our audience.

    Please contact for more information.

  • 10

    Sponsors may wish to make an investment in a specific program of The Clay Studio. In addition to your sponsor fulfillment, you will have an opportunity to have one-on-one meetings with the teachers or artists you decide to sponsor.

    Please contact for more information.

  • A Year Long Celebration of Service to Community