Summit 2012 - How Atlassian Uses Confluence

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See how the Confluence team at Atlassian uses Confluence to continue improving their development process.


  • 1. Connecting Cross-functional Teams During Product Development with Confluence Javascript Developer, Atlassian Wesley Walser

2. Our Version of The Story Dream It Plan It Build It Launch It 3. Dream Get It Down Hash It Out Mock It Up Plan It Build It Launch Align Where We Use Confluence (And what Ill cover in this talk) (And what Ill cover in this talk) 4. Designer, NASA Lunar Module If a major project is truly innovative, you cannot possibly know its exact cost and its exact schedule at the beginning. Joseph G. Gavin, Jr. 5. What product development really looks like at Atlassian 4.2 Case Study Q&A Approach 6. What Product Development Really Looks Like 7. Get It Down 8. #atlassiansummit New is a constant. 9. Customers Blogs Product Managers Founders Other products Get It Down New is a constant New is a constant 10. Get It Down Confluence - No Stress Confluence - No Stress People push good ideas forward (given the right culture) Confluence Helps Shares Popular Content Very few lists 11. Code Talks Prototypes Previously known as FedEx Day 20% Get It Down Engineering lead organization Engineering lead organization 12. Hash It Out 13. Immediate Comments Likes Shares Mentions HipChat integration Hash It Out Overlap with get it down Overlap with get it down 14. Collaborative! Constructive? Important stuff bubbles Balance is cultural Not software Not enforced through process or authority Hash It Out You say k ment, I say flame war 15. Shipped! You what? Where? Speakeasy Find ways to safely prototype Comment over meeting Hash It Out That engineering culture thing again 16. Mock It Up 17. Beginning of Design Nope Visual but not too real Tool of the trade Mock It Up Brief to wireframe - Into the light 18. Style Guides Discussion artifacts Tools of the trade Fisheye Stash Mock It Up Wireframe to design 19. Plan It 20. Atlassian Polyglot Agile Confluence team Kanban Plan It In whatever way you like 21. Tools of the trade JIRA GreenHopper Confluence Team Calendars r-together Plan It Tools 22. Build It 23. Doneness Micro - JIRA Macro - Confluence FedEx & 20% Build It Work work 24. Inline Tasks Sprint goals Action items from a meeting Non-technical users Build It Extra-sprint work 25. Confluence Notifications No inbox clutter Things that need doing Things that need reading Personal Notes Build It Notifications - All in a days work 26. Add personal todos Mark notifications for followup Track Confluence tasks Add in-line tasks in pages @mention to assign tasks 27. Align 28. Confluence Boxes Whats being messaged Forces us to come around simple ideas and messages Align Get on Message 29. Recap! Dream It Plan It Build It Launch It