Making Confluence an Enterprise Standard for Knowledge Management - Atlassian Summit 2010

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Making Confluence an Enterprise Standard for Knowledge Management Michael Mielke, Deutsche Bahn


  • 1. Atlassian Summit 2010 the journey making Confluence an Enterprise Standard for Knowledge Management Deutsche Bahn AG DB Training Michael Mielke Frankfurt 2010, 04, 20
  • 2. Deutsche Bahn carries more than 4.7 million passengers per day on around 30,000 trains Passenger Transport Revenues 11 billion No. on payroll 64,000 Stations/stopping points 5,700 Locomotives 2,200 Railcars/carriages 21,100 Busses 4,100 Long-Distance Regional DB Vertrieb Urban Transit Transport Transport (Sales) Passengers/day 0.3 million Passengers/day 3.1 million Passengers/day 1.3 million Tickets/year 254 million Trains/day 1,300 Trains/day 24,200 Trains/day 3,500 Data records/day 1.5 million No. on payroll 16,000 No. on payroll 29,000 No. on payroll 12,600 No. on payroll 6,700 Revenues 2.9billion Revenues 6.4billion Revenues 1.7billion Revenues 0.1billion Source: Facts and Figures, Deutsche Bahn (2004)
  • 3. implementing an Enterprise Standard is a long journey We started 2006today we are running 4 Full Confluence Licenses and support more than 15000 Users and 200 Spaceswe still are growing
  • 4. Aim of project Marvin Focus is the improvement of Knowledge within TQM-Team Specific aims: 1. More transparency & re-use of existing knowledge Templates for everdy-day work Useable presentations for short-time meetings 2. Optimal cast & usage of experience Whom can is ask needing information X? Who has contact to customer Y? 3. Improving the availability for our customers Preparation of offers by Knowledge-Management 4. Improved sheduling by an active developement of topics Active creation of new topics Overview on topics developement-level DB Training | GE Beratung (TQM-Team), 6/14/10 4
  • 5. People, Playgrounds, Prospects, Projects People Who are we? What are our talents? What is faszinating us? Playground Creation of topics Creation of new consulting-products Prospects Customers & contact to customers Knowledge on customers problems and current issues Projects Information on Projects: Who was involved? What experiences have been made in an project? DB Training | GE Beratung (TQM-Team), 6/14/10 5
  • 6. 4P: Find the connections between thefour dimensions I look for... + Contexts, Standards, People Play- Prospects Projects grounds Templates People Phonebook, This Employees is This employee has The employee Employee-Profile, working on which made experiences worked in which Org Chart topics? whit which projects ? I come customers? from... Playgrounds Who is dealing with Overview on topics, Among which Which projects to a a specific problem? Framework customers this topic specific issue have Navigator, Product- is a current issue? been Navigator accomplished? Prospects Who are the contact From the Customer database, What are the persons? Who perspective of this Org Charts of customers projects knows this customer, what are customers, we worked on? customer? the current issues? Customer- management, Pipeline Projects Who was involved What are the topics references, contact Project database, in this project? handled in this persons to a project-controlling, project? project, customers project-portfolio- feedback management DB Training | GE Beratung (TQM-Team), 6/14/10 6
  • 7. Implementing Wiki unifies various companies and customers information requirements Companies perspective concern business customer Usability easy ITK-integration Easy information exchange Age structure Easy use Intuitive usability Information exchange No high education afford No complex User-Training Interface problems easy to Services and Support easy to necessary solve purchase Teamwork on content possible Low costs Easy publishing of content Kind-of-industrial-standard No extra hardware and Law-concept licenses necessary CI capable BP / experience exchange A D V Reduction in costs in management A Compatible to given Components N T Migration A Reduction in number and open Interfaces G E Given Licenses and potential users S DB Training, GE Beratung, Michael Mielke, 6/14/10 7
  • 8. Advantages to implement Wiki from an enterprise perspective Usability Consideration of the demographical development Cross organizational and cross functional approach Safety Topics Exchange of content is easy Cost Efficiency Many worldwide companies use Confluence and it is kind-of-industrial- standard Available User Management Exchange of Experience Fits easy in existing ICT Networks User Friendly, useable without high training effort Teamwork on a single content is possible Easy to publish content DB Training, GE Beratung, Michael Mielke, 6/14/10 8
  • 9. We compared various available systems due to our requirements before we decided to use Confluence we tried a few before we made our decision There are several providers on the marked solving different problems in individual ways To make the best choice we defined our requirements before we tried some systems Two independent surveys came to the same result. DB Training, GE Beratung, Michael Mielke, 6/14/10 9
  • 10. Comparison Table Confluence MediaWiki TWiki XWiki Version 2.7 1.11.1 TWiki 4.2.0 1.3 Licens commercial GPL GPL LGPL language Java PHP Perl Java storage Database Database File, RCS Database Usergroup Enterprise Finaluser Small to middle class Work-groups, developer companies MySQL yes yes no yes Oracle yes optional no yes Accountmanagement yes no yes yes E-Mail news yes optional yes yes Comments Threaded Discussion Threaded Threaded Syntax Highlighting yes Plugin Plugin yes Quoting yes no yes yes Scripting Macros, Plugins, Optional JavaScript, TWiki Velocity & groovy & JavaScript and more Vars, powerful API very powerful API PDF Export yes optional Plugin yes (Quelle: Auszug aus der Prsentation Wiki-Produktvergleich, DB Systel, 08.07.2009 von Diana Pauluen) DB Training, GE Beratung, Michael Mielke, 6/14/10 10
  • 11. Main Enterprise Users and ICT Requirements Confluence MediaWiki TWiki XWiki Usability Interface management...