Atlassian Summit 2012 - Immigration to Confluence: A Journey Through Foreign Customs

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This is the exciting saga of an adventurous explorer who, with great trepidation, traversed the arid Adobe Outback, through the darkness of Total Eclipse, to emerge, caked in Scrum, scarred, beaten, bruised, yet Agile, where the tributaries Collaboration, Knowledge Capital, and Information coursed the Straits of Budget to witness him navigate joyous and thankful to the delta of the Great Confluence.


  • 1. Immigration to ConfluenceA Journey Through Foreign CustomsKelly M. McDaniel Information Developer III Rockwell Software (Senior Technical Writer) Austin, Texas

2. History FrameMaker Bound books and PDFsDesired single-source, re-use, standards-based 3. Hmmmfeelingadventurous. 4. Signs of theArid Adobe Outback!? He looks trepidated. 5. The Outback has a sign? 6. Arid Adobe OutbackForeign Customs: Proprietary Complex RoboHelpSame stuff, FrameMaker longer name,costs more. Acrobat Technical Communications Suite 7. Eclipse Authoring andProduction Conversion - Lots of hand work Book Paradigm Keeper Total Eclipse 8. Crikey!Total Eclipse?!? 9. Eclipse to Confluence Confluence to EclipseHelp Authoring in Eclipse toproduce EclipseHelp Authoring in Confluence toproduce EclipseHelp usingScroll Wiki Exporter plug-in 10. Tools for Wiki-based Documentationsolutions that make documentation easier,so everyone can contribute information,and track the process.Scroll Wiki Exporter for EclipseHelpRCP applications or deploy to InfoCenter. 11. K15t Scroll Wiki ExporterConfluence EclipseHelp (.jar) No animation, sorry. 12. Enough scrummyadventure! Imhittin the shower!Crikey!Wrong slide!H 13. E-e-e-ewww!He was caked in thatthatScum, Mary.scrum!Its scum!Hes certainlyagile now! 14. Sheesh!Thats a lotof effort fora bad pun. 15. Confluence as an Authoring ToolDesign, author, edit product documentation, release notes, and installation guide. EclipseHelp via Scroll Wiki Exporter for EclipseHelp (K15t) PDF Installation Guide via native PDF export feature HTML - via native HTML export feature 16. Benefits Oh boy! Text files Stable More no proprietary binaries *nixbullets!!! Markup Fast/Efficient anyone can fix an issue standards-based Collaboration LogicalDevelopment Space easy to teach new authors Jira Integration Customizable plugins: Atlassian, 3rd party, User Community, RYO 17. Enough withEconomicalThe *#@&% bullets!CompatibleNon-proprietaryScalable 18. OfficialSponsorVisit the K15t booth....und er spricht Deutsch wie ein Texaner. Sie sind groartige Leute! 19. Confluence is a great adventure.#summit12 20. Can we have beer anddecompression? 21. Thank you!


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