Atlassian Summit 2012 - Confluence for the Evolving Project Management Office

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This presentation tells the story of a Confluence makeover that involved taking a failing, misused wiki and transforming it to support the needs of an evolving Project Management Office (PMO). From this case study, themes emerged that illuminate the practices which turn a wiki from the wrong side of the tracks to an indispensable resource for the PMO. I align features (and plug-ins) in Confluence with the practices I learned that will make projects run smoothly. I describe how Confluence can be used to enhance the mission of the Project Management Office (PMO). I identify different PMO value models and outline the major functions in relation to how they can be facilitated by Confluence. I compare varying approaches to the use of Confluence from small to large knowledge management needs. I describe how transparency can be achieved in project governance with the use of Confluence. I offer some insight into project auditing and business alignment using Confluence. I also describe how confluence can be used to strengthen operational resiliency. Through my description of this authentic case study, I lay-out best practices to using features in Confluence to support the functions of a Project Management Office.


  • 1. Confluence for the EvolvingProject Management Office(PMO)Sandra Toner, Configuration AnalystUltra- Special Operations Technology, Inc.

2. AgendaIntro to the PMOGood Wiki -Bad WikiPMO Functional Areas 3. The PMO 4. It is what it is!An organizational body or entity assigned various responsibilities related to the centralized and coordinated management of those projects under its domain. -PMI PMBOK Guide 5. PMO Value Models 6. PMO Competency Continuum 7. PMO Competency Continuum 8. Im a mess.Im veryPeopleuseful.dont trust People relyme. on me. 9. Ask yourselfwho can see or do how is QAspecific things performedwhat contentwhich practicesgoes whereare preferred 10. You cant turn a herd of turtles into atwenty-mule work team.L. Todryk 11. PMO Functional Areas 12. PMO Functional AreasPractice ManagementInfrastructure ManagementResource ManagementContinuity ManagementBusiness Alignment 13. Process and PracticeTrying to manage a project withoutproject management is like trying toplay a game without a game plan.K. Tate (PMI) 14. Methodology Transparency PM Process Guide PM Practice Guide PM Toolkit PM Glossary 15. Critical Processes Best Practices 16. InfrastructureINFRASTRUCTURE DEFINITION 17. Governance PMO Charter andPolicies Structure Control Board Activity 18. Assessment Competency, Capability,and Maturity Audit 19. PMO CharterProject Classifications Identify RolesControl BoardBaseline for Assessment Audit Plan and Results 20. Resource Herding 21. Project Resources Identify and Assign Performance 22. Resource Development Training Teaming 23. Resource Tracking Resource UtilizationTeam RecognitionSkill GapsPM Team Tools 24. ContinuityContinuity does not rule outfresh approaches to fresh situations.-Dean Rusk 25. Career Development Mentoring Knowledge Transfer 26. Highly Effective Models Mentorship Engagement Partner with HRRole-based Procedures 27. Business Alignment The success of the Rat Pack wasdue to the camaraderie, the three guys who work together and kid each other and love each other. Sammy Davis, Jr. 28. Relationships Stakeholders 29. Facilitate Communication Participation Expectations 30. Confluence is only as useful as you create it to be.Plan it. Be transparent. Audit it. Be consistent. Use it.#summit12 31. Thank you!