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Empowering Recruitment

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• Saurabh has been part of the startup circuit for more than a decade.

• He has worked in the software industry for more than a decade in different capacities.

• He was a part of several product development lifecycles and several beta launches.

• He has also been involved in the product management side of things which enabled him to interface with customers at a frequent level.

• He led several teams successfully through several product releases in large, mid-tier and startup organizations.

THE TEAMSaurabh SahaChief Executive [email protected]

Ajay AnandteerthaChief Technology [email protected]

• Ajay has a decade of experience in software, mobile and web development.

• He has worked for many industry biggies like Intel, Samsung, Cisco, Bloomberg, and been part of several commercially deployed products.

• He has also bootstrapped his ideas into software products, and successfully deployed them into the market, and getting first-hand feedbacks from the customers there-by enabling him to understand the intricacies of a sellable product.

https://www.linkedin.com/in/saurabhsaha https://www.linkedin.com/in/ajayar

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Costs a Fortune of time and money

Aggregating resumes from each one of them is a Pain

Posting a job to a ton of premium job boards

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• A job distribution platform where user can post jobs to several free and paid job boards, social platforms, seek referrals with just one click, and at a fraction of the actual cost.

• An applicant tracking system which aggregates resumes received from various platforms into one single place.

• Saves immense time and money, and fetches more applications. Plus, free access to internal resume database


Introducing TalentPegs

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Get a FREE Career Site FREE Email, Social, Mobile, Referral Tools

Aggregate resumes at one place FREE Powerful Applicant Tracking System Included!

Resume Parsing and Candidate Rating for each job

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Post to paid job boards at a fraction

of cost

Save Time by aggregating

resumes at one place

Resume Parsing and Candidate


Free Powerfulapplicant tracking


Bouquet of related value added

services at one place

Increase the influx of resumes by multi-fold times

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