5 technologies that have changed our lives

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  1. 1. 5 Technologies that have changed our lives And 5 that we are really excited about seeing!
  2. 2. EMAIL When was the last time you bought stamps? Some advantages of Email Distance is no factor Time is no factor Can send to multiple people at once Some disadvantages of Email A birthday card by Email? Reply all, whoops! Less personal
  3. 3. iPods Instead of 5 shelves of albums, you have one iPod Advantages of iPods: All of your music is within reach Portable: Can be played anywhere Playlists for events and parties Can get music directly from Internet Disadvantages of iPods Aesthetic experience of holding the new album Less value
  4. 4. Smartphones Phones are no longer just for talking Advantages: Can do everything that a computer can do No such time as dead time Find everything (files, pictures) Latest news, weather, games Great resource for price checking Disadvantages: Less eye contact More accidents
  5. 5. Facebook (and other social media) Watch the grandkids grow up before your eyes Advantages of Facebook: Immediate updates on family & friends Touch bases with people from past Create events and track attendees Send private, instant messages Chat with a group of users at once Disadvantages of Facebook: Too much information? Not enough time for it all
  6. 6. Skype Video calling is finally here! Advantages: Keep in touch with loved ones, see how they are really doing Conference instead of face to face Can talk with several at once Can be used in place of a home phone, and used internationally Disadvantages: Intrusive? Connections not always so good
  7. 7. And now some highly anticipated technologies
  8. 8. Google Glass Think of a computer without the computer What is it? Take a look! Consider the possibilities: Interactive Gaming Skype without a computer Quick reference Navigating Drivers education (in a simulator!)
  9. 9. Smartwatch Now, think of a computer that you wear on your wrist Curious? Take a look! What can you do with it? Everything that you do with your computer And, things like unlock doors, operate speakers in your home, access control panels in home Can integrate with features like sleep analysis, fingerprint sensors and other health data
  10. 10. Geolocation Goodbye privacy, Hello real time advertising Previously, Internet helped us find the What Geolocation technology provides the who, where and when Works with social networking such as 4Square which provides check in potential Possible uses: Marketing to the person based on where they are and what they like Find your friends who are nearby Provide reviews on businesses Find local deals
  11. 11. 3D Printing And you thought ink was expensive! How can we explain it? Try this short video. If you can sketch it, you can create it Think of the possibilities: Plastic toys that look like the kids Quick replacement parts Medical implants (yes, it is possible!) Quick prototypes for inventions
  12. 12. Google Fiber Internet for all (quick and free to boot!) Superfast (up to 1000 Mb/sec, compared to average 10Mb/sec most of us have) OK, so it is only in one place now (Kansas City) And, there have been some problems Main problems: Infrastructure and money Good news: Other providers are searching for similar products (Gigabit Squared in Chicago) Note on Gigabit Squared: They are working with senior care service that uses 2 way video to reduce costs of health care. Allows recently released patients to confer with doctors from home.
  13. 13. Bottom line on technologies New technologies are cropping up quicker than we can develop them Technologies on the horizon may not become viable And a future technology that can change our world may be completely out of our range now Exciting though to consider all of the possibilities.
  14. 14. Thanks for listening!