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  1. 1. Survey Monkey ResultsThe first question asks what kind of artistpeople would like to see on the front coverand as we can see, most people said theywould prefer to see an up and comingartist.The second question asks what freebiesreaders would like in the magazine and allof them chose festival tickets, and otherpopular choices were autographedmerchandise and free CDs.
  2. 2. The third question asks what genres people wouldlike to see in a music magazine and the most popularchoices where indie and then punk so those are thegenres Ill include in my magazine.This question askswhether readerswant to see tweetsand other socialmedia posts aboutthe magazine in themagazine and all ofthem said yes, soIll include that inmy magazine.This question asks how often readers buymusic magazines and most of them saidthey bought it once a month, so I'm goingto make my magazine so it is a monthlymagazine.
  3. 3. This question asks what kind of questions readers wantto see in the main article and everyone answered thatthey wanted both trivial and informative questions.This question asks what are peoples favourite musicfestivals so I know what tickets for festivals I can giveaway as freebies and as we can see, most peoplefavourite is Reading/Leeds.This question asks how much people would pay for amusic magazine and most people said 1 to 3 so mymagazine will be priced in that range.
  4. 4. This question asks people what theirfavourite magazine is so I can see whatis popular and get inspiration fromthose magazines. Most peoplesfavourites were Rolling Stone, Kerrangand NME.This question asks what questionspeople would like artists to answerso I can get ideas of whatquestions to ask in my magazine.People said they would likequestions about fashion,upcoming projects, their favouritemovies, inspiration and aboutother artists.