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Support Each Other In 140 Characters Or Less

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Ways you and your colleagues can make the most out of twitter, save time, learn, and share.

Text of Support Each Other In 140 Characters Or Less

  • 1. Support Each Other in 140 Characters or Less
    Who really cares what all those
    people are doing?
  • 2. Twitter can be easy fun and informative.
  • 3. Trends
  • 4. Twitter can help you
  • 5. Stuck with a tech problem?Looking for resources?Need feedback?Just can't remember that word?
  • 6. Twitter can help you help others
  • 7. Twitter can create a community
  • 8. Or a community can create a Twitter
  • 9. Direct Tweet (like a text message but easier than pulling out your phone) - Get to know your colleagues through their Tweets - Make announcements - Brainstorm - Take a poll - Share resources - Follow mentorsGet a good laugh - Find gossip about famous people
  • 10. Lets Play!