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5 Tips for Delivering Customer Service in 140 Characters or Less Originally Posted on April 17, 2012 by Tricia Morris

5 Tips for Delivering Customer Service in 140 Characters or Less

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Adapted from Tricia's Customer Service Success Blog. Customers are increasingly turning to social media to ask questions and post customer service related comments and they expect responses. Learn how your company can use Twitter to address customer issues quickly and effectively. Read more of Tricia's blogs at www.parature.com/blog.

Text of 5 Tips for Delivering Customer Service in 140 Characters or Less

  • 1. 5 Tips for DeliveringOriginally Posted onApril 17, 2012 by Customer Service inTricia Morris 140 Characters or Less
  • 2. Providing customer service in140 characters or less; thats achallenge a growing number ofcompanies are facing. A Maritz 71% ofResearch survey of customerapproximately 1,300 Twitter complaintsusers showed that 71% of and questionscustomer complaints and on Twitterquestions posted to Twitter werewent unanswered, leading to unansweredour first tip for tweet success:
  • 3. NUMBER ONELISTEN CAREFULLYWhether using a free tool or a customerservice solution for social media thatintegrates with other customer serviceprocesses, a companys reputation isbecoming increasingly staked on its socialresponsiveness or lack thereof.
  • 4. More than half of the Maritz studys respondents38% or 18 to 24 expected their tweet to be read by the company, and year olds and that expectation actually 65% of those increased with age. While over 55 just 38% of 18 to 24-year-expected their olds had faith that the brand would read their tweet to be post, close to 65% of read. respondents ages 55 and over expected their tweet to be read.
  • 5. Companies need to be more and moreaware that their social media platforms aretwo-way conversation channels, and thatconversations usually begin at the followeror customers convenience, which is whydedicated monitoring is so important.
  • 6. In addition, studies have shown that many complainants on social media usually post or Tweet because they have been recently frustrated ordisappointed by the lack of response onanother customer channel, which makeshighly visible social media channels the venue where the customer relationship is at a make or break level.
  • 7. Unlike Facebook, it is very difficult if notimpossible to delete a negative tweet madeby an individual about your brand.
  • 8. NUMBER TWOUSE YOUR TWITTER PAGE WISELYUse your Twitter real estate including your organizationsbio and background space to the left of your feed toprovide customer support information such as businesshours where customer service is provided on Twitter,support portal or email addresses, or the address of aTwitter feed dedicated solely to support. Many social-savvy companies even provide the name of thecustomer service agent who is currently responding toTwitter questions and comments in their Twitter bio toprovide a more personalized experience.
  • 9. NUMBER THREEDELIVER A CONSISTENT MESSAGEEnsure the tone of your social persona isconsistent, kind and personable. Languageshould not be overly formal, and if the messagecannot answer a followers question or complaintin a single tweet, the conversation should moveto a direct message or direct the customer to achannel that allows for a more in-depthconversation instead of engaging in public-facingback and forth.
  • 10. Many companies thatsuccessfully use Twitter forcustomer service have astandard 140-character-or-less response to questionsor complaints, so that theycan answer tweets quicklyin a consistent tone, forexample, Thanks for yourtweet. Wed really like tohelp you, so please usethis link to tell us more.
  • 11. NUMBER FOURDONT BE AFRAID TO BE PROACTIVEEven though a customer is not tweeting acomplaint about your company directly @your organizations twitter handle, throughmonitoring of your brand name, you canimpressively reach out to offer service, atechnique pioneered many years ago byComcasts Frank Eliason.
  • 12. In addition, many companies use Twitter toproactively communicate issues theircustomers may be experiencing and theexpected resolution so that social mediaand other customer service channels arentflooded with calls, emails and comments.
  • 13. NUMBER FIVEKNOW THE RULES OF THE TWEETAnyone posting on your companys behalfon social media should have a goodunderstanding of Twitters written andunwritten rules, #hashtags, messaging, etc.,as well as have a strong understanding ofyour companys messaging.
  • 14. Listen, use your page wisely, be consistent, be proactive & know the rules in 140 characters orless, these are five best practices for delivering more effective customer service on Twitter.
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