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Learning in 140 Characters or Less (Twitter for Training)

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This presentation gives learning professionals ideas on how to utilize Twitter to deliver learning. It also overviews some of the basics of Twitter - definitions and tools to utilize.

Text of Learning in 140 Characters or Less (Twitter for Training)

  • 1.Scott Thomas Director, Product Enablement ExactTarget [email protected] @scott_thomas_et #crc10

2. 11/14/2010 2 #CRC10 Anatomy of Twitter Twitter Tools Twitter and You The Use of Twitter for Learning Resources for Additional Learning And Some Fun Along the Way 3. 11/14/2010 6 #CRC10 Twitter Defined a service for friends, family, and co workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing? 4. 11/14/2010 7 #CRC10 Twitters Use Links to Content Conversations Promotions News Reporting Sharing of Images Sharing of Music Idea Sharing And On, And On, And On. 5. 11/14/2010 8 #CRC10 AVATAR AND TWITTER HANDLE 6. 11/14/2010 9 #CRC10 TWEET aka The Message 7. 11/14/2010 10 #CRC10 HASHTAG 8. 11/14/2010 11 #CRC10 URL 9. 11/14/2010 12 #CRC10 RETWEET 10. Twitter 11. Hootsuite 12. CoTweet 13. TweetDeck 14. 11/14/2010 23 #CRC10 Your Profile Use Your Name in Your Handle Tells the Twitter Community Who You Are It Helps People Decide to Follow You Location is Important Link to Something Blog, LinkedIn, Etc. 15. 11/14/2010 24 #CRC10 The Public Timeline Remember the Purpose of Twitter Follow and Follow Back Tweet Join the Conversation Learn the Lingo Its Called Social Media for a Reason 16. The Back Channel 17. 11/14/2010 29 #CRC10 A Live Look @ The Back Channel SAP 2009 / Page 29 18. Micro Learning 19. Synchronous Learning 20. Follow the Experts 21. Search for Experts 22. Tools 23. Digest 24. 11/14/2010 39 #CRC10 On Twitter @ASTD @CIASTD @newsociallearn 25. 11/14/2010 40 #CRC10 Sites Social Learning Academy Jane Hart eLearning Technology Blog Dr. Tony Karrer Mashable 26. 11/14/2010 41 #CRC10 Google Searches Twitter for Learning Social Media for Teaching Twitter 101 27. 11/14/2010 42 #CRC10 Your End of The Deal Not on Twitter, Sign-Up for Twitter Follow Me - @scott_thomas_et Download My Slides I Just Tweeted a Link Share with Me What You Put Into Practice 28. 11/14/2010 43 #CRC10 Lets Take a Twitter Poll @votebytweet (1,2,3) scottcrc SAP 2009 / Page 43 1. Get on Twitter 2. Utilize in my Job 3. Research More 29. thank you! Scott Thomas Director, Product Enablement ExactTarget [email protected] @scott_thomas_et #crc10