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#jobvite13 140 Characters or Less: Writing to Engage in the Social Realm Kimberley Kasper Jobvite, Chief Marketing Officer @kimberleykasper

Summit 2013 - Sourcing5: 140 characters or Less - Kasper

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Anyone can post on a social network—but not all posts send the right message to prospective job applicants. Join Jobvite’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kimberley Kasper, in this relevant conversation about understanding and maximizing your use of social media when it comes to sourcing. Learn how to creatively transform social network posts into secret weapons that engage readers while strengthening your recruitment brand. Discover tools within the Jobvite arsenal that help you effectively create, manage, monitor, and track your social media campaigns—so you can gain a real competitive edge. Kimberley Kasper, Chief Marketing Officer - Jobvite

Text of Summit 2013 - Sourcing5: 140 characters or Less - Kasper

  • 1. #jobvite13140 Characters or Less:Writing to Engage in theSocial RealmKimberley KasperJobvite, Chief Marketing [email protected]
  • 2. #jobvite13Facebook Accounts for 5 Out of Every 6Minutes Spent on Social Networking Sites
  • 3. #jobvite13While Twitter and LinkedIn Battle For Number Two
  • 4. #jobvite13
  • 5. #jobvite13Who Is Using Social Media?8%16%29%46%61%64% 66%69%67%9%49%67%76%86% 87% 86%92% 83%7%8%25%48%61%68%72% 73% 77%6%4%11%24%47% 49% 50%57%52%1%7%13%26%29%34%38%32%0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%Feb-05Aug-06May-08Apr-09May-10Aug-11Feb-12Aug-12Dec-12% Social Networking Site Use by Age Group, 2005-2012% of internet users in each age group who use social networking sitesAll internet users18-2930-4950-6465+Source: Pew Research
  • 6. #jobvite1360% of Gen-Y members find themselves compulsivelychecking their smartphones for emails, texts, or socialmedia updatesSource: 2012 Cisco Connected World Technology Report
  • 7. #jobvite13Twitter is becoming the new job board. Itis also becoming the new resume.
  • 8. #jobvite13A Billion Tweets Are Sent EveryFour DaysHow do you stand out?
  • 10. #jobvite13#jobvite13You Have An Employment Brand Even If YouDont Cultivate It83% of recruiters thinkbranding impacts theirability to land topprospects.Strong talent brand canreduce the cost perhire by 50% and reduceturnover by 28%Steps to Cultivate Your Brand1. Understand your companysculture from all angles2. Know your business needs3. Understand your targetmarket4. Optimize your employervalue proposition5. Set objectives6. Define yourcommunications mix7. Execute, measure, refine
  • 11. #jobvite13Make Sure Your Employment Brand IsPervasiveLeverage it with all candidate touch points Career Site Copy Job Descriptions Emails Campaigns Recruiting Videos Brochures Giveaways
  • 13. #jobvite13Careers Have A Place on Your Facebook Page
  • 14. #jobvite13Create Your Own Twitter Account
  • 15. #jobvite13Manage Posts, Interact Directly With Followers
  • 17. #jobvite13Tweets and Posts Are Newspaper HeadlinesBe brilliant by being relevantBring a bit of humor to itPose a questionKeep it shortHighlight your company cultureSpeak in your own voiceAsk for the Share or Retweet
  • 18. #jobvite13Rule of Thumb: For every job you Tweet or place onFacebook, you should have at least two other piecesof contentIndustry NewsCompany PhotosCompany EventsShout Outs to CustomersRetweets
  • 19. #jobvite13SeattleNewsJob PostingTwitter ChatJob
  • 21. #jobvite13#jobvite13Hashtags: Key To Productive Twitter EngagementReceive 2x moreengagement thanthose withoutTweets with more thantwo hashtags show a17% drop inengagementTop 10 HR Hashtags#HR#Tchat#leadership#FF#HFchat#dthr#Diversity#SHRM#socialmedia#jobs
  • 22. #jobvite13Hashtag Best PracticesDont Overuse No more than 2 per tweet Only tag the most important thing in the tweetBe Obvious Dont try to be cute Use hashtags that your target audience would use
  • 23. #jobvite13Join A Conversation
  • 24. #jobvite13Make Sure You Know Whats TrendingWhat The Trend http://wthashtag.com/ Top hashtags trending Description How Long The Phrase Started Trending
  • 25. #jobvite13#jobvite13Know Your AudienceTop15 Hashtags for Job Seekers#job#hiring#recruiting#jobsearch#hireme#needajob#jobtips#jobhunt#employment#joblisting#jobsearch#nowhiring#HR#jobposting#career
  • 26. #jobvite13
  • 27. #jobvite13Sending A Jobvite To TwitterEnable Publisher to post to Twitter automatically ads#job to posts
  • 29. #jobvite13#jobvite13Not All Posts Are Created EqualSource: TweetSmarter Blog
  • 30. #jobvite13#jobvite13Tools To Help Maximize TimingFree Analyzers Paid Analyzers
  • 31. #jobvite13Use A Social Media Campaign to ManagePosts and Track Results
  • 33. #jobvite13Leverage Your EmployeesUse The Admin>Publisher Tool To Remind Employees
  • 34. #jobvite13Understand Which Employees Have PublisherEnabled
  • 35. #jobvite13See Who At Your Company Has AlreadyEnabled Publisher
  • 36. #jobvite13Use Company Jobvite To Remind Employees
  • 37. #jobvite13Customize Your Messages Per Your Network
  • 38. #jobvite13Customize Which Jobs Are Shared
  • 40. #jobvite13Host a Live Twitter ChatCreate a Real-Time Forum To Drive Brand RelevantConversation
  • 42. #jobvite13Conversations Not MonologuesIts all about engaging with existing and new followersRespond!Make sure every post, question, tweet is answeredWe want candidates to feel like they have a friendhere and they are getting the inside scoop-Intel Recruiting
  • 44. #jobvite13You Need Closed Loop ReportingTrack the path of a user who:Clicks on a link in a tweetVisits a page on your websiteConverts into a candidateUltimately, you want to track candidates generatedthrough Twitter and Twitter Reach and DatabaseGrowth
  • 45. #jobvite13Measuring the Candidate FlowVisits: From Twitter, reflect the amount of referraltraffic your website has attracted from TwitterContacts: Number of people who show interest in youropen roles by either applying or being added to yourtalent poolVisits to Contacts Conversion Rate: The percentage ofpeople you are converting to a candidate out of totalvisits
  • 46. #jobvite13Measuring Database GrowthFollower Month-to-Month Growth: Gives you a senseof your reachMarch Twitter Followers February Twitter FollowersFebruary Twitter FollowersDaily Follower Growth: TwitterCounter(http://twittercounter.com/) Free tool that allows you to examinefollower growth over timeLink Clinks: Use bit.ly (www.bit.ly) to understand link activity
  • 47. #jobvite13Leverage Your Social Recruiting Dashboard
  • 48. #jobvite13Run The Jobvite Report by Job
  • 49. SUMMARY
  • 50. #jobvite13In SummaryUnderstand Your Employment BrandCreate Social Media AccountsWrite Compelling CopyUse HashtagsKnow When To PostShare Open JobsAmplify Your MessageNo Comment Left BehindMeasure, Measure, Measure
  • 51. #jobvite13Thank You!Kimberley KasperJobvite, Chief Marketing Officer