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Shared learning in the digital age #kmb in 140 characters or less

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This presentation shared the experience of #KMbChat over the course of the past year. We discussed the value of TweetChats to knowledge mobilization professionals as a tool to mobilization knowledge, for professional development, and for the development of the relationships that matter. Presented to the 2014 Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum in Saskatoon, SK on June 9, 2014.

Text of Shared learning in the digital age #kmb in 140 characters or less

  • 1. Learning in the Digital Age: #KMb in 140 characters or less
  • 2. What is a TweetChat? TweetChats are prearranged gatherings that connect everyone interested in learning more about specific topics on Twitter. A hashtag tethers tweets to this topic and the resulting conversations are publicly available to anyone following the hashtag.
  • 3. What is #KMbChat?
  • 4. Who joins #KMbChat? Policy makers Decision makers Knowledge mobilizers Researchers Research Units Institutions Students
  • 5. #KMbChat participants Nearly 300 tweeters joined the #Kmb discussion Over 4000 tweets shared #KMb knowledge and experience Over 7 million impressions
  • 6. What do we talk about in #KMbChat? Best Practices Evaluation Digital #KMb Partnerships #KMb in Action Success Stories Barriers to #KMb
  • 7. #KMbChat tweet activity
  • 8. Where is the value in a #KMbChat? Participation helps you build communities and begin the relationships that matter for partnerships, collaboration, and sharing The conversations are public and accessible at any time and allow you to connect with the knowledge that helps you reach your goals Helps you share and disseminate your work and resources to a much wider audience
  • 9. Are TweetChats an effective knowledge mobilization tool? Discuss! Share stories, updates, opinions, resources, and research with diverse communities Promote services, events, and activities Connect to those who can put your research into practice Drive traffic to your blog or website Show your expertise in action Engage in real-time conversation Learn best practices from the experts
  • 10. Whats next? Continuation of monthly #KMbChats (hope to see you there!) Research: mixed methods and qualitative studies on Partnership & knowledge brokering evaluations using social media Developing relationships using social media across sectors
  • 11. More about us... Bonnie Zink Independent Knowledge Mobilizer and Social Media Strategist Email: [email protected] Twitter: @bonniezink; @KMbChat Web:
  • 12. More about us... Lyndsay Foisey Email: [email protected] Twitter: @lyndsay_foisey LinkedIn: Lyndsay Foisey