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Articulate Storyline Tips in 140 Characters or Less

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Text of Articulate Storyline Tips in 140 Characters or Less

  • #storyline140


  • We asked the #elearning

    community to share their best

    articulate storyline tips in 140

    characters or less with


    Here are some of our favorites

  • @mattguyan

    If something isnt working

    in your project, check your

    triggers #storyline140

  • Click off the stage to deselect

    all objects when creating slide

    based triggers #storyline140


  • Use button sets. Love button sets.

    Live button sets. #storyline140


  • Get course duration: publish >

    click the vertical dots next to

    the course title. #storyline140


  • Cant apply states to a grouped

    object? Ungroup object, cut and

    paste all elements except base

    objects into the normal state.



  • #elearning tip. Auto generate

    lorem ipsum. Insert text > type

    =lorem() > tap enter key. There

    ya go! #storyline140


  • The format painter is your

    friend. Use it to improve

    efficiency. #storyline140


  • Think mobile when creating a

    hover state and add a duplicate

    down state. #storyline140


  • I love this one!



  • #storyline140 tip: Quickly link

    scenes by clicking on the link

    icon at the bottom of a slide in

    story view.


  • Share your articulate

    storyline tips with us

    on twitter by using