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IGN Regional Report - Q4

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IGN Regional Report - Q4

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  • 1. Iberoamerica Regional Report Quarter 3 Report

2. Exchange Analysis 3. In oGCDP, we had a good Q4, but not sufficient to follow the iGCDP growth in the region. Surprisingly mature countries in oGCDP are still growing, as Brazil with 245 absolute grow in RA or the impressive growth of Argentina & Uruguay of 378% relative growth. The attention here, however, should be at Cluster 3 as they are entities that are almost reaching the growth path, but still need to work a lot on efficiency. Here, you can see Costa Rica with 600% relative growth in RA, 600% in MA and 800% in RE and almost everyone following this more than 100% growth. But now, as the peak of RA is coming a closer contact with those entities is needed. 4. With a 94% growth, iGCDP in IGN is growing at every level. Countries like Brazil and Colombia still represents more than 60% of the results, but Argentina & Uruguay had a massive grow here of 796% in RA, an absolute of 223 (the higher in IGN). It is very dangerous if iGCDP in IGN keep growing this way and we do not offer supply enough for them to keep at the same rhythm as we see other countries as Costa Rica, Ecuador and Venezuela starting to scale up their operations as well. iGCDP in IGN should have 2 main clear focus in Q4 that should be making their projects better and also have a strong work on leadership development of the interns. Also, countries like Brazil, Colombia and Argentina & Uruguay should be more worried about activating other oGCDP countries, having it as main priority. 5. oGIP in IGN is stuck, at all levels. If we have with Brazil and Colombia still leading the results and Mexico struggling on MA and RE on Q3. If we see the Cluster 2, we have just Venezuela with a huge RA growth that is not followed in their MA or RE result mainly because of the huge GAP in matching rate in face at this moment. For sure it will need an alignment in supply and demand here in Q4 because we are raising a considerable amount of EPs but still are not converting them into MAs. 6. iGIP faces the same oGIP problem, but also another one: we have countries that used to countribute a lot to our results decreasing. In RA, Brazil was stuck and Chile decreased 77% with both countries representing a good amount of past term results. In the other side we have Colombia and Panama had an impressive RA and MA Q3, but overall the unaligned oGIP and iGIP is the biggest bottleneck we face at this moment. Also, as just few countries are working with the programme we are very dependent of the top 5 at this moment. 7. Conferences, Summits and Meetigs 8. IGN SummitPURPOSE OF THE SUMMIT Clarity and Belief in 2015; Receive practical knowledge in driving more and better GCDP and GIP, Understand the actual state of our region; IGN connected and growing as a region.OUTPUT ?contentid=10277141 9. IGN GCDP Strategic MeetingPURPOSE OF THE SUMMIT The main purpose of the Meeting was to activate countries on IGN to be a relevant contributor to oGCDP results solving the supply and demand bottleneck we are facing at this moment. The following countries participated in the co-creation of the GCDP Strategies: Argentina&Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. OUTPUT ?contentid=10276382 10. Regional Initiatives 11. Programme FocusKey Regional Initiative1. oGCDP 2. iGIPCodelivery ModeloGCDP Growth ModelGIP Cooperation ManagementCONTRIBUTION TO 2015 MoSExplained on each strategyIGNite ProjectGlobal Citizen and Global Talents brand implementation 12. Codelivery Model WHAT IS THE STRATEGY Improve the quality of the internship experiences we are delivering in IGN in order to increase the number of promoters. FOCUS ENTITIES Argentina & Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru KPIs % of Response rate in peaks NPS Score in peaks PROGRESS All strategies and framework were already developed for both iGCDP and oGCDP. For more information please take a look at the wiki: NEXT 3 MONTHS Monthly follow up with focus entities 13. oGCDP Growth Model WHAT IS THE STRATEGY Improve the quality of the internship experiences we are delivering in IGN in order to increase the number of promoters. FOCUS ENTITIES Bolivia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala and Venezuela KPIs # of exchanges realized in focus entities PROGRESS All strategies and framework were already developed for each cluster. For more information please take a look at the wiki: NEXT 3 MONTHS Weekly chat and tracking of focus entities in October and November (Raising peak); Possible visit in some entities. 14. Global Citizen and Global Talents Brand Implementation WHAT IS THE STRATEGY Align our brand to the global guideline; improve our external relevance unifying our brand; facilitate the regional promotion among AIESEC entities; improve the way we recruit aligning destination and issues in our promotion. FOCUS ENTITIES All entities in IGNKPIs # of entities implementing the brand PROGRESS Create the brand toolkit, materials and guideline for the implementation and also about how to run the recruitment (for more information click here) and the promotional video of Global Citizen (click here) NEXT 3 MONTHS Showcase of countries that already have Global Citizen and Global Talents as their sub brand and its benefits Implementation plan with other entities 15. GIP Cooperation Management WHAT IS THE STRATEGY Align the potential cooperation we have in IGN in order to have a better performance. FOCUS ENTITIES Brazil/Colombia (both ways); Brazil (oGIP)/Panama (iGIP); still others to define KPIs # of realizations among cooperation PROGRESS Virtual chats with the cooperation for goal and sub product alignment missing Brazil (oGIP)/Colombia (iGIP) and also definition of the strategies we are going to run with each cooperation. NEXT 3 MONTHS Brazil (iGIP)/ Colombia (oGIP) needs to achieve 50 realization, Brazil (oGIP)/Panama (iGIP) needs to achieve 15 realization and Brazil (oGIP)/Colombia (iGIP) to be defined. Also we will have tracking each 15 days about how the operation is going. Also, the idea is to plan how the CEEDership programmes will work for the Q1 in 2014 and what strategies we can implement right now in order to improve the results. 16. IGNite Project WHAT IS THE STRATEGY CEEDership + Exchange programme focused on growing oGCDP and/or iGIP in focus entities. FOCUS ENTITIES Argentina&Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia and Peru (recruiting the CEEDers) and all IGN receiving the CEEDers. KPIs To be defined with each LC/entity.PROGRESS Create the timeline and the content to be delivered, started the CEEDers recruitment (finish on 15 of November). NEXT 3 MONTHS Guarantee the goal of recruitment of each entity (Brazil 12, Colombia 12, Argentina&Uruguay 4, Peru 5), match the CEEDers with each entity, create the planing framework to be worked in January, define how the preparation will be delivered in the preparation Summit in January. 17. Strategies to be worked on Q4 18. Codelivery ModelGIP Cooperation ManagementSub product growth on entity focus - iGIPPossible Conferences, Summits or MeetingsoGCDP Growth ModelIGNite ProjectSupply and Demand Management GCDP MatchingGlobal Citizen and Global Talents brand implementationSub product growth on entity focus - oGIPCustomer Loyalty for OrganizationGIP Summit on Central America (still need to be defined)

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