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IGN civilization

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This civilization I made is 6000bc to 2000bc

Text of IGN civilization

  • National Geographic Magazine

  • Jobs:Musicians, Rappers, part-time jobs, tree cutters, furniture makers, a lot of jobs to do with trees. The evidence is writings and machines that make furnitures and paper. These job to do with trees was done because in the jungle there was trees everywhere. The best job in Ancient Antarctica was a musician. But those people that couldnt be musicians they become a worker of the trees well they paid pretty good.



    Division of labor

  • Gods


    PresidentTree company boss

    GovernmentMusician/band also instrument makers


    Tree cuttersfurniture/paper/pencil makers


    lazy/no job people

    Social Class Structure

    1.God is on the top because he made everyone.2.Emperor is in charge of everyone3.President is the top of the civilization or country.4.Tree company boss is very important because most of the jobs there is connected to trees and the boss is in charge of all of that.5.The Government is important because they are in charge of economy and law but they dont have to worry about it.

    6.Musicians is the best job there.7.Rappers are the 2nd best job8.Producers are not musicians but they produce there music.9.General is people that work in the tree company.10.Tree cutters need to be strong and have a lot of energy.11.makers have a very easy job12.these people have no jobs so they dont have much money and they do nothing their whole life.

  • Arts and Architecture1. One central city was gobblefunk they had

    funk and punk music a lot in the central. Around the funk temple there were no trees because the trees need to be cut for the funk emperor to travel.

    2. Rockmir is another big city they had rock music. This is the rock temple looks small but underground there is a concert hall.

    3. DeRaps is another city where they had rap and no one is exact but there was a James Young and Xzibit Mathers who might be ancestors of Dr.Dre and Eminem and Dr.Dres name is Andre Young and Eminems is Marshall Mathers.

    4. Bluestein which is the city of Blues music

    here is where the blues brothers got influenced.

    5.Dubbedstep had dubstep music you can see that it is very close to each other (the name) everybody that lived in this area loved to dance.

    6. Hardcorhymes this city had hardcore music and all the people here only listen to music with full volume so some of the people are def or have bad hearing.

    7. Classichana this city had classic music and there were many orchestras and everybody knew how to play piano.

    Found in the dig

  • Language and writingThe language of ancient Antarctica is linen isis Greeting: HI Friends (even though if there is one person there talking to)a= b=- c=_ d=/ e=\ f=| g=9 h=( i=) j=< k=> l=[ m=] n={ o=} p=~ q= r= s= t= u= v= w= x= y= z=.

    They communicated by speaking their language linen isis they also had mail-e on the innernet which is internet now this was made with 300 trees and a lot of lemon for battery. I found this digging in Antarctica.

  • Government and Laws

    The government was in charge of economy and peoples money they had a system that they could see what the people used their money for. They made up laws but in all the new shops they had a system that only bought things could go out of the shops so there was no way to steal. So the government didnt have to worry about laws. Also they were not at the stage of killing other humans and making weapons so that kind of crime never happened.

  • Beliefs/Religion/Culture

    6000 years ago a kid drew a picture of the god.

    They believed in a god DRAPS. This god DeRaps had 3 faces and one was the nice and one was Impassivity and some believed that he was a devil because his 3rd face was the face from hell and some people worshiped the devil side of him. The people believed that the god DeRaps gave life to each and every one and they believed that the god likes sacrifice so every year they chose volunteers and if there was no volunteers they would have to chose with a Lotto.

    Where you can see the black circle is where the

    religious center is.

    It was just a simple huge house with about 100 people working there and they kept all of the religious information.They simply believed that there was a childhood and you go to school when you were a child 3~18 years old and then you are an adult from the age of 19 and after that you marry and get a child(s) then it is a cycle as your child grows up and you become a grand father/mother and you die and go to heaven or hell and you got to choose yourself but you have to be very honest of

    The emperor could talk to god anytime he wants but the god was very selfish so he would ground the the emperor if he talked when the god didnt want to.

    This civilization was Monotheistic.

    The god could teleport. well he was just a light/smoke projecting in the air so he wasnt actually a person and he can also change to humans and any other shape.

  • Economy and tradeThey had money called Spend Em but not much people used it because it was new so they still traded and money wasnt useful they thought so after a few years no one used it and got back to trading the wood cutters and musicians traded a lot by the musicians give them instruments and the tree cutters give them much more wood to make more instruments. They also traded with the vegetabers and fruitees these two villages had vegetables and fruits so they traded with trees, furniture, pencil.

    Best resource they had

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