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Mind, Body, Spiritual and Energetic Wellness for the 21st Century - Music, Hemp Benefits, Kundalini Awakening, Remote Healing and more


  • Universal Living Universal Living Mind, Body, Spiritual & Energetic Wellness for the 21st Century

    May / June 2014 | Vol. 02 Issue 03


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    HEMP ...what you dont know

    Kundalini Awakening

    Remote Healing II

    Sounds of Civilization Musics effect on Humanity

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  • Mind, Body, Spiritual & Energetic Wellness for the 21st Century

    From the Publisher:

    Well, in spite of the recent snow, I think Spring is really here. Maybe if we ignore signs to the contra-ry, we can make it so. (Sorry for the Star Trek ref-erence.)

    On that note, lets begin to transition our diets from the heavy winter comfort foods to the light and nutritious. Lets detox from of all the sludge we accumulated over the winter and learn to use mu-sic and sound to heal our souls.

    Open your mind to the possibility that HEMP may actually have some positive benefits for humanity - examine the facts!

    Yeah Spring!

    This month brings much sadness for me. One of my dearest friends, Deb Haltuch, lost her battle with cancer. Her love, laughter and lightness of spirit, which was admired by many, will be missed. I know in my heart her spirit is still with us all - watching and protecting from a place beyond our reach. She still shares our earthly experiences with us and can rejoice in our accomplishments and comfort us in our trials. Ive invited her to let me know when shes around and, not surprisingly, she has! Ive found three pennies from heaven already and their message is that shes okay. Deb, I love you and Im going to miss you. I know one day, well see each other again, but not quite yet !

    Love & Light! Sue Ball


    May/June 2014| Vol. 02 Issue 03

    Universal Living





    The Sounds of Civilization Musics Effect on Humanity

    - Jill Matson | 4

    The World is Kundalini Awakening - Lisa Johnson | 8

    Rays of Light - a New Book

    - Linda Street | 11

    HEMP - What you dont know... - Mary Robbins | 12

    Healing Spring Recipes

    -Gloria Zabala | 14

    Remote Healing - Part 2 - Ida Lawrence | 18

    Being Human

    - Rosanne Heinrich | 21

    Foot Detox - William Setala | 22

    Content in these articles does not in any way reflect medical advice or is to be

    considered an endorsement for any product

  • By Jill Matson

    Vibrations, or sounds, can control civilizations! wrote ancient officials. An outrageous idea at first glance, but many ancient dynasties lasted thousands of years, while we grow tired of our president in merely four years.

    I planned to uncover why many rulers believed this. I hunkered down into the study of antiquity for twenty years, carefully recording musical and esoteric secrets. Esoteric societies guarded sound healing information, believing that whoever knew it - could control people and for the wrong reasons! They refused to document this secret information about healing sounds. Esoteric students were divided according to their moral and psychic advancement into categories such as initiates, disciples, adepts and masters. Secrets of sound were confined to verbal discussions among proven adepts and masters safe guarding this powerful information. Each esoteric school divulged a few secrets, but I stud-ied so many, I accumulated a wealth of diverse vibrato-ry knowledge. Merely considering these ideas exponen-tially increased my understanding of the power of music!

    Sparse writings from Rudolf Steiner discuss the musical system of the ancient Lemarians and Atlanteans. The earlier civilization, the Lemarians, listened to a de-scending musical scale, in which the smallest distance between adjacent tones was equivalent to nine of our notes! This music connected the listener with the Di-vine. Later, the Atlanteans claimed to enjoy a descend-ing musical scale with the notes closer together, yet neighboring notes still represented seven of our musi-cal notes. The Atlantean music connected man to his own Divine Spirit.

    In order to hear Lemarian or Atlantean music, one would need clairaudience, as few notes would be with-in our hearing range. Steiner suggests that man had not involved into matter to the extent that we have to-day, enabling people to hear clairaudiently. These peo-ple were spiritually evolved.

    The ancient Indian and Persian epochs boasted of a musical system built on the interval of six of our notes. Persian cosmetology, mingled with writings about Zoro-aster, reflect that music escorted man towards a con-nection with the next lower hierarchy of spirit, the

    The Sounds of

    Civilization Music's Effect on Humanity

    and Consciousness

    May/June 2014 IssuePage 4

  • Planetary Logos, providing a spiritual experience.

    Increased historical documents shed light on music of ancient Egypt and China. Music was believed to be a powerful controlling influence on the population. The rulers regulated and policed the music people heard. By controlling the vibrations that people were exposed to, officials believed they yielded a strong influence over them.

    Ancient Chinese rulers believed that each musical note was a connection to the Divine. The rulers orchestrated concerts with 10,000 players, making plentiful and powerful connections to the Divine. In a current com-parison, the Latvian country of Estonia sponsors a week-long songfest every five years. These historic concerts boasted of half a million sound healing singersa good showing for a country of only one million people. Many credit the historic courage of this tiny nation to achieve independence - to the energy created by this vitalizing, sound healing musical experi-ence.

    Ancient Chinese music used twelve notes. Each note was five of our notes apart and was referred to as the Lu Scale. Musical sounds float-ed like the sounds of wind chimes, with no beginnings or endings. Tones still descend-ed and were said to augment the imagination.

    As the stars in the skies journeyed across the horizon, this changing energy was believed to influence people (astrology). The music or musical astrology changed throughout the year, providing support for personal and emotional challenges caused by the vibrations of planets in motion in our solar system. This musical Feng Shui varied as energy in nature changed, providing a balancing mechanism for the population! Instruments made out of the various elements were exclusively played at certain times, further engineering the balanc-ing effect of the sound healing music.

    In the Greek epoch, tetra chords, two groups of four

    notes each, created modes, which resembled our scales. These modes characterized personalities. The modes were even named after people who preferred its mood. According to Steiner, this musical system ena-bled spiritual energy to descend to a greater extent, so mankind could see the world primarily through a physi-cal body.

    Many languages became extinct over the ages, releas-ing their special sounds from human consciousness. Sanskrit, Latin and ancient Hebrew are a few, reflecting the lost sounds of former civilizations. Some believe that as civilizations change, so do their languages -- in subtle ways bringing about mental, emotional, and

    physical alterations in societies exposed to the different sounds. In ancient Greek times, for example, children were not exposed to vowel sounds, as the associ-ated energies were consid-ered too stimulating during people's early formative years. Many languages, in fact, left out vowel sounds.... As mankind journeys on his experiment with duality, be-coming more and more sepa-rate from God, not only has passing eras music vanished, but sounds have been ex-tracted from ancient lan-guages as well! Extinct lan-guages are no longer being heard and affecting us. It is

    no wonder that some high masses are in Latin, creating a holy feeling even though no one understands the words.

    Control of music shifted to the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages. Initially adopting the Greek modes, they later dropped all but two, renaming them major and minor. Music prior to this period was a series of on-going tones. An amen was added on the end of Gre-gorian chants and church liturgy, creating the concept of a beginning and ending in a song.

    Earlier writing suggests the sound of the first and third note of a scale sounded together, so harmonious today,

    May/June 2014Page 5

  • Sounds of Civilization (contd from pg 5)

    was shrill and hard to listen to. As the Middle Ages pro-gressed, the third became a staple of harmony, and chords using the 1-3-5 notes of the scale flourished. In a more recent example, the jazz-sound introduced a chord with the seventh note of the scale added, and was considered to be outrageous, scandalous and the music of the devil. Today, jazz is not considered sinful, or even racy, but is relegated to soothing elevator mu-sic. This suggests that populations get used to new sounds, and in essence harmonize with them. Esoteric writing suggests that such harmonization transitioned peoples consciousness and experiences.

    Turn of the century esoteric writing insists that the Re-naissance music pulled the population out of the dark ages by introducing the perfection of chords, harmo-nies and mathematical patterns. The early ornamental classical music inspired the excessively decorated archi-tecture and dress of the time. One mystic writer re-vealed a concern about cold-hearted people hiding be-hind elaborate decoration. Hence, Beethoven was over lit to create sound healing music that enabled the masses to feel compassion. According to the writing, charities in Europe were recorded only after people heard the music of Beethoven.

    During the Renaissance people choose music for the first time as musicians made a living from public perfor-mances. Songs changed in key to accommodate sing-ers vocal ranges. As a result todays Equal Tempera-ment tuning system was created to allow easy transi-tion between musical keys. Some liken this scale to aural caffeine, saying it influenced the Western Hemi-sphere to spur industrialization and modernization. In contrast, the Eastern Hemisphere played the older mathematic scales with consonant sounds and devel-oped meditation practices. Now, popular music is be-coming worldwide, lessoning cultural differences.

    Popular music styles are changing rapidly from swing tunes, to jazz, to rock and roll, through heavy metal, and on to rap in just sixty years. At this time the chang-es in our society have also been immense. Sixty years ago it was novel to see color TV. Now fax machines, cell phones and computer games have revolutionized our world. Once again, the sonic vibratory changes precede the physical ones.

    Melodies sport sequential notes, displaying a system of twos Rap music sounds a rhythmic series of the same note, a musical system of ones. In conclusion, musical

    systems throughout the ages reveal a pattern of fre-quencies becoming closer together, as civilizations learned various lessons. When a musical style stopped - the culture transitioned and was rebirthed with new music. Throughout the ages man incarnated into matter and duality, as the music descended, changed styles and the space between neighboring notes de-creased from nine of our notes to only one.

    Often people have said that, time is speeding up! Often I have wondered exactly what that means. After all, an hour still takes sixty seconds. However, looking at the span of time that I have described, one sees that the Atlantean civilizations frequency bandwidth lasted fifty thousand years according to sparse records. The Persian Empire and the ancient Egyptian experienced the next frequency bandwidth for ten thousand years and the Ancient Chinese Epoch lasted thousands of years as well. The ancient Greek and Roman Empires were less time and the Middle Ages less still, about fifteen hundred years. The Renaissance lasted several hundred of years and hundreds of years later the emer-gence of rap music, representing the music of one in-terval! The passage of new transformations in civiliza-tion has sped up!

    If listening to frequencies closer together precedes fur-ther separation from God - then reversing this process facilitates evolution and our journey back to the Di-vineand it should be a rapid journey! Listening to an-cient musical patterns may expand our consciousness and spiritualityperhaps leading to increased aware-ness, including that of the Divine!

    To experience Jills music, visit her website

    for THREE free MP3 downloads:


    Jill Mattson is an author, artist, musician and composer whose passion is studying antiquity. Jill has exten-sively researched an-cient traditions that used Sound Healing to

    transform peoples consciousness and soothe their mind, body and spirit.

    May/June 2014 IssuePage 6

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    Jill Mattson, author, musician, and composer seeks to further the

    application of sound in alternative healing modalities.

    Day 1 - Ancient Sounds of Advanced Civilizations

    Friday May 9th 7:00PM -9:00 PM

    Peoples brain waves, emotions, and bodies are composed of

    vibratory energy that are affected by sound and music.

    In this class you will learn

    Musical Astrology-using start tones for particular benefits

    Fibonacci Tones - How to use sound to make decisions,

    focus in your path, and make changes

    Solfeggio Tones - frequencies for DNA, connecting to

    source, and aid with specific physical issues

    Explanation of sonic patterns and their benefits

    These secrets come from deep within the Egyptian pyramids,

    the ancient Chinese, the Greeks and the Tibetan Monks. This 2

    hour class can change your life in ways you could never imag-


    Day 2 - Sound Healing

    Saturday May 10th 9:00 AM -5:00 PM Ancient Mystical masters kept the methods of sound a secret, as they have a profound impact on people their minds, emo-tions, consciousness and health....